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How to Change the Time on a Casio G-Shock Watch

Changing the time on a Casio G-Shock watch can be a little confusing so I understand why you are looking for a guide. Changing time can be even more frustrating when you don’t even understand the manual. Thus we will try to write the whole process of how to change the time on a Casio G-Shock Watch using the simplest of terms to help you get a better understanding.How to Change the Time on a Casio G-Shock Watch

So let’s get started on the process.

Understand Your Watch

The first thing you should do, is to understand how your watch works before you start learning how to set the time. You should understand the different positions of buttons on your Casio G-Shock Watch.

G-Shock Button Arrangement

There are four or five buttons that control their functions. You’ll find the A and B buttons at the top left and right, at the bottom left and right you’ll find the C and D buttons. For some models, there’s a fifth button midway down the side, which becomes the C button. However, For these models, the bottom left and right buttons become D and E. For other models, the fifth button is added at the bottom where it is labeled as L.

Set Your G-Shock Manually

In setting your Casio G-Shock Watch manually, you’ll be using the top and bottom four. You should start in standard or “timekeeping” mode. To key in time-setting mode, search for the A button at the top left of the dial and hold it down for a few seconds.

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For other models, the message ADJ pops up and thereafter changes to SET when you let go of the button. For current models of G-Shock, the time zone changes automatically. Thus first, you’ll be prompted to choose a city code for where you live or at least for a city in the same time zone. You can make use of the right-side top and bottom buttons in moving east or west until you locate the correct city and then press the lower-left tab to choose it and move on to the next setting.

Next, you’ll be asked to indicate whether it’s daylight saving time currently and then are cycled via choosing a 12-hour or military-style 24-hour display format, and setting the time, date, month and day of the week. Once you are done choosing all the appropriate settings, click on the A tab to return to normal timekeeping mode. For some models, the home-city selection and time-setting is broken into different sequences with slight variations in the screen messages and button presses.

Using Atomic Timekeeping

For some G-Shock models, the watches are capable of keeping themselves updated. Models that come with what Casio calls “atomic timekeeping”, get a radio signal from one of six atomic clocks located around the globe. In order to give the watch the opportunity of setting itself, you have to do this. Take it off and leave it in a windowsill in an area that’s free of indoor or outdoor obstructions or any equipment which generates electric signals.

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Under normal circumstances, the watch should find a signal and self-set in 12 minutes or less. However, leaving it overnight is best. You are not to use the watch while it’s listening for a signal.

Setting Time Through Your Phone

If the model you have is a Bluetooth-enabled G-Shock, you can pair it with a smartphone and use Casio’s G-Shock Connected app or the older G-Shock+ app. Both are designed and available for Android and iOS.

Ensure the phone’s Bluetooth is turned on for the connected app and then place it within three feet of the watch. Click on the “Connected” icon to launch the app. While the second hand is pointed away from the Bluetooth logo on the watch face, you can press and hold the lower-left tab for about 4 seconds. The second hand will point to the Bluetooth logo, displaying connection. Any time you pair the phone and the watch, the G-Shock checks the phone’s system time and updates accordingly.

If it is an old model that is using the G-Shock+ app, click to start the app and thereafter click the “Discover G-Shock tab on the screen. Hold down the pairing button on your watch, either on the top left or bottom right, depending on the model till the watches model number appears on your phone screen. Then click the model number, and a passkey number pops up on the watch. Key it on the app to complete the pairing process.

Finding Your G-Shock Manual

Understand that these G-Shock instructions apply to most current models. However older models may differ with each G-Shock watch having a four-digit module number on the back which identifies the version of the company’s software that’s in the watch. In order to find the specific instructions for your G-Shock, simply key in the module number into the search box on the company’s support page for timepieces.

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