How to Make a Kissy Face in Text

Before now, you only had to write and try to find a way to express how you feel. Now with the emergence of emoticons, you can express fun, quirky sentiments through text messages, online chat, or even email. Emoticons are designed as facial expressions which are represented pictorially via keyboard symbols. Most emoticons, make use of simple characters. However, you can make yours more interesting with some embellishments. When you use the right keyboard characters, you can turn that smiley face into a Kissy face in any text-based message.How to Make a Kissy Face in Text

That said, how do you make a kissy face in text?

  • Start the process by inserting this symbol “<” if you want to give your face a hat. This is known as a “caret” and can be inserted by holding “Shift” and pressing the comma on a standard keyboard. You can also find it in the “Special Characters” section on a cell phone. To embellish the Kissy face, you can have fun by exploring extra symbols.
  • Insert “:“ or “=” for eyes. The “:“ symbol or colon, is to the right of the “L” key. To insert it, you have to hold the “Shift” Key while pressing the “semicolon” key. You will also find it in the “Special Characters” section on cell phones. The “=” or “equals” symbol on the other hand is next to the backspace button or on the “Special Characters” menu.
  • Enter a “” or “X”. The “, “ or “asterisk” is inserted using a cell phone’s “Special Characters” menu. Alternatively, by holding “Shift” and pressing the “8” on a keyboard. The “X” can either be a uppercase for a standard kissy, or you can use a lowercase “X” for a sideways kiss.
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How to Type a Smiley With a Mustache

With emoticons, you can send fun facial expressions in an email or cell phone text message. While some basic emoticons are easy to figure out others are not. One of such is the mustache which is not as intuitive. It is quite difficult to glance at your keyboard and figure out which character could possibly simulate a mustache on a smiley emoticon. However, with a little creative typing, you have a couple of options for smiley face mustaches.

  • Start with typing your smiley face’s eyes. Insert a “:” symbol. This symbol is known as colon and is inserted by holding the “Shift” keywords. Then press on the key directly to the right of the “L”. Some users even prefer using the “=” sign for larger eyes instead.
  • Press the “Shift” key and type a “(“ bracket symbol. You will find this bracket to the right of the “P” key. If you want a busier mustache, then you have to insert the “-“ symbol for the smiley’s nose, and “#” for the mustache.
  • Hold the “Shift” key and press the “9” key. This will insert a standard parenthetical smile. Then you can use an uppercase “D” if you want a larger smile for your emoticon. When you add the smile, your mustached smiley face is complete.
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