How to Connect an iPhone to an iPad

Guess what, do you know that you can connect an iPhone and iPad through iTunes or iCloud to sync the devices? Yes, this is very possible if you want to make the desired content and apps available on both.Connect an iPhone to an iPad

Also, you can connect the two devices via a personal hot spot in order to share a connection, if the feature is available in your area.

Let’s get started with the basics of what will guide you to connecting an iPhone to an iPad with ease.


You can sync your iPhone as well as iPad using iTunes on your computer. This will combine their individual libraries of music, apps, and other content. With either device plugged in and selected in iTunes, you can easily use the tabs on the main pane to pick and sync specific items from the merged collections. But note, all the devices must use the same Apple ID.

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  • Enable iCloud which is Apple’s online storage and syncing service. You can do this on both iOS devices in order to connect them wirelessly.
  • On each of the devices, click on “Settings”, followed by “iCloud”.
  • Then sign in using the same Apple ID.
  • Then from the iCloud submenu, activate specific apps to sync data with both devices in real-time.

Personal Hotspot

Where your cellular service provider offers personal hot spot capability, and you subscribe to it. You can easily connect your iPhone and iPad using the Personal Hotspot feature. This feature makes use of the cellular data connection of one device to provide internet access to another device. Now both devices are configured for Personal Hotspot in the Settings and Cellular screens.

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With these, you can successfully connect an iPhone to an iPad without stress. We hope these steps can guide you towards successfully completing this task.