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What Does SMH Mean in Texting? – What do SMH Mean in Text – How to Use It

what does smh mean in texting?

Simply Put, SMH Means “Shaking my head”.We will give answers to the question ” what does SMH mean in texting “? You don’t just use abbreviations because you saw that others are using them. Haven said this, A wise person seeks to know the meaning of the abbreviation. Also, one must learn the right way and situation to use it, especially when in a chat room or on social media channels. Channels like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook messenger, Snapchat, Tiktok, LinkedIn, and other social chat rooms.What Does SMH Mean in Texting

How did“Shake My Head” or “Shaking My Head” Came About (SMH)?

In the general definition, SMH is an internet initialism that means “shake my head” or “shaking my head.” Mostly used to express emotions and feelings of disappointment or disbelief, frustration, disapproval. It can also be used in by impatience in a scenario obviously perceived stupidity, clear of what seems wired.

Like you already know, it’s an informal abbreviation for the phrase “shaking my head.” This phrase is used when you want to express disappointment towards a person.  “SMH” is most of the time used to scold someone but mockingly.

The History of SMH and How it Made it way to Dictionary, GIF keyboards, and Social Media chat Rooms

In the year 2004 is when the abbreviation SMH was first added to the Urban Dictionary. It’s meaning similar to today’s meaning of the abbreviation, though there is no trace of where or an individual who originated the word.

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Though there is a reference saying that the word or abbreviation came into existence with the phrase “Facepalm” . This first got into Urban Dictionary but the same month the SMH made its way into the Urban Dictionary.

Today, the phrase FacePlam is still on low key due to its mass unpopularity. But the SMH became popular or gained popularity in the year 2010. This is because of the use of Facebook chatting rooms and Tumblr. And it became the best and most used memes and GIFs of the year.

Though over the years, it’s mass popularity has decreased but it’s still popular especially because teenagers have adopted as a more way of expressing their disbelief emotions in a subtle way. A research statistics showed by Google trend made it clear that the word’s popularity grew to a high pick in the year 2011.

what does SMH mean in texting – Best Times to use SMH

Now teen and young adults love to type SMH into their conversation of social media or text messages. Why? To express the same physical body language of shaking their head in disappointment, disagreements, or disbelief. It might be in response to somebody else behavior, or situation, or any incident which took place. In that situation rather than saying something you just respond by shaking your head.

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However, SMH can be used in real-life conversation and when friends say things that look obviously glaring but to be a lie but don’t want to sound brutal in expressing your disbelieve over what they have said.

Here are some instances to use SMH

In the scenario, a son asks the mom to lend him her car so that he could go to meet up with his friends this upcoming Saturday. And the Mom goes by; I need the car this Saturday so you will have to find another way to get to your friends. And the son expresses how disappointed he is by shaking his head.  If the conversation is to be held in the chat room, and the son goes by replying with “SMH”.

Another Instance – Best Times to use SMH

For instance, let’s say you promised your friend to bake them some cookies, but it’s been a long time and you haven’t baked them the cookies you promised. Weird example, I know, but smh is almost never used in a serious situation). Your friend could send you a text message saying:

“Dude, I just remembered that you promised to bake me some cookies like a month ago! Smh man, I want some cookies!”

So, the person using them is most likely not mad at you but does feel enough disappointment to shake their heads in disapproval.

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SMH… My flight got canceled and can’t be rebooked. GIFs of people shaking their heads captioned with smh are popular on GIF keyboards and can be sent via text message or attached to tweets as a reaction image. The hashtags “#smh” and “#smdh” are popular ways to tag exasperation on social media.

With this, you wouldn’t have a need to ask What Does SMH Mean in Texting? – What does SMH Mean in Tex? Thanks for your time.


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