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 You can make free calls and send a text now online using the TEXTNOW cell phone service. With Text Now login account details, you can send text messages and make an online free call without any form of payment or service fee charge. How to log in to my Text Now Account is what this post will help you accomplish. Read on.textnow

What Is TextNow?

Text now is an online cell phone calling and text messaging platform that enables registered users or users who have done text now online account to sign up to send free text messages and place calls to existing members free of charge. However, to use the Textnow online service for free you will have to learn how to log in to your text Now account.

Though we had several people complaining of different challenges they experiencing using Text Now, such as;

  • Textnow is not logging in.
  • Also, Textnow is not working
  • Textnow number isn’t going through.
  • How do I create TextnowAccount?
  • Textnow won’t ring.
  • How to download Textnow App.
  • Difficulty in calling with Textnow – Textnow won’t call.
  • Textnow messages won’t send.
  • Textnow App keeps closing.
  • Tex now won’t log in.
  • How Do I delete my TextNow account?
  • How to change my TextNow number.
  • Why is my TextNow not working?
  • Why is my Textnow saying call rejected.

These and several other complaints are the complaints we have been faced with from users of Text Now App or the online web platform. However, this post is limited to helping you with Text Now online login and useful links.

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Text Now Login – TextNow Sign in – TextNow Login Online

Here we are going to quickly show you how you can do Text Now online sign in provided you’ve done Text Now account sign up following the signup method at the official site at www.textnow.com.

Text Now Online Facebook Login

If you don’t want to go through the signup process on the Text Now homepage, you can sign up or sign in using your Facebook profile.

  • Visit textnow.com/login.
  • Scroll down, you will see the Facebook login option.
  • Tap on the Log in with the Facebook link.
  • If your Facebook account is signed in you will be automatically signed in to your TextNow account.
  • However, if you are not signed in to Facebook in your browser, you will need to sign in to Textnow with your Facebook sign-in details.
  • Tap on the Log with Facebook, and key in your Facebook username and password.
  • Click on the login button.

Text Now Login Using Google Account – Text Now Online Login Gmail

You can as well sign in to your Text Now App or web platform using your Gmail account details. The login procedures for both Facebook, Gmail and Apple ID are the same. All your need to do is visit the login page through the login URL at www.textnow.com/login, scroll down and tap on the login option you chose (Facebook, Gmail, or Apple ID).

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If you are logged in to any of these accounts in your browser already, immediately you tap on any of the third-party login options, you will be logged in automatically to the Text Now platform to start sending and calling phone numbers for free.

Text Now Login App – Mobile Phone Text Now Login – Android | iOS – TextNow App

You can access the Text Now login on the mobile device, in that, mobile phone version of the platform exists; Text Now Mobile App. However, before you can log in through the App you will need to download the App on your App store; Play store for Android users, and Apple App Store for iOS users.

Text Now iOS Online Login – Download TextNow App – iOS Online Login Instructions

Like earlier said, to log in to TextNow App through the iOS device; iPhone, iPad, you will have to download the App on your Apple store.

  • Launch your Apple app store.
  • Using the search bar, locate the TextNow App.
  • Tap on the App.
  • Click the download button.
  • Wait for the download process to finish.
  • Open the downloaded app.
  • Tap on the sign-in option.
  • Key in your username and password.
  • Click login.

Text Now Android Online Login – Download TextNow App – Android Online Login Instructions

This process entails when you want to sign in to TextNow through the App on an Android device, you will have to do App Download on the Google Play Store.

  1. Visit the Google play store.
  2. Use the search bar tool to find the TextNow App.
  3. Tap on the Install button.
  4. Wait for the download to finish.
  5. Launch the downloaded app.
  6. Key in your sign-in details.
  7. Tap sign in.
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Forgot Password – Text Now Login Difficulties – Login Problems

In the event that you forgot your login details; password or username, you can do TextNow password recovery at the login interface using the forgot link button.

  • Visit textnow.com/login.
  • On the password field, tap on the forgot link button.
  • Follow the on-screen instruction to recover your password.

TextNow Password Reset – Create New Password

You can reset your password and create a new password using the following instruction.

Text Now Useful Info & Links

If you have any inquiries to make or want to know more about the listed complaint in the first few paragraphs of this post you can contact the support center at https://www.textnow.com/supportfor assistance or use the following useful links to access more of the TextNow features.



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