How to Make Facebook Posts Shareable

There are times I have come across some amazing, thought-provoking and funny Facebook posts. At such times, those posts appeal so much to me that I want to share them so my Facebook friends can also share them.

However times I find it difficult to share because I just can’t find the “Share Button”.How to Make Facebook Posts Shareable

Now, this was the case until I found out how I could share my Facebook posts or that of other people.

There might be some reasons why you may not be able to see your own share button or that of others.

But the good news is, we’ll be giving you a guide on how to fix these issues.

Read on and learn all about how you can make Facebook posts shareable.

You Can Make Facebook Posts Shareable by Fixing These Issues

If it happens that your Facebook friends want to share your post(s) but cannot, here’s what you should do.

You should probably tweak your privacy settings. This will make sharing your post possible. Since Facebook’s privacy settings control every detail of your profile you can do this.

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Change the privacy settings on an individual post that you want to make shareable by tapping on the “Privacy” icon close to the post time stamp and selecting either “Friends” or “Public”.

If you want friends to have access to sharing your post, you should select “Public”.

For future posts, you can change your privacy settings by tapping the drop-down arrow at the top right corner of Facebook.

Choose “Settings” and “Privacy” click on “Who can see your future posts” and choose “Friends” to make all future posts are shareable by your friends. (1)

Any time you feel like it, you can change this setting by revisiting the privacy section.

Share Posts From Pages

First, you need to understand that Facebook pages are completely public.

This means that anyone can view or share Facebook pages even if they do not like the page.

To share a post from pages:

  • Click on the “Share” icon underneath the post.
  • If you like, type in a message to accompany the shared post.
  • Click on the “Share Now” button to share the post with your Facebook friends.
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That is how you share posts from pages, it’s that easy.

Share Posts From Groups

First, let’s understand that Facebook groups can either be public or private. Thus, this will determine if the Facebook posts from the group are shareable. If the group is a public group, then the posts from the group can be shareable.

On the other hand, if the group is a closed group, posts from the group can only be shared by members of that group. Public Facebook groups can be accessed by anybody even those who are not members.

To share posts from public groups:

  • Click on the “Share” icon below the post.
  • Once you click on the Share button, you’ll be able to share the post.

You now know how to share posts from a group provided that a group is a public group.

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Share Posts From Friends

It is your friend’s privacy settings that will determine whether or not you can share his/her posts. If you can’t find the “Share” button below a friend’s Facebook post, it may mean that their profile is locked down.

If this happens, you will not be able to share their posts. However, you ask the friend to change their privacy settings on the post to “Friends” to enable you to share the post.

Making a Facebook post shareable is very easy and it is something you can do with just one click at the right button.

So now, you should not find it difficult to share your post or other people’s post that you like on Facebook. Get started using these steps.