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What Is Bumble – What is Bumble App, BFF Boost

What Is Bumble?

Bumble is an online dating site and app with over 100 million registered members seeking to create meaningful relationships, find online friends and make purposeful connections. Primarily, users on Bumble leverage the Bumble three mode to make new connections, whether you’re looking for a partner, to make new friends, or to expand your professional network.What Is Bumble

Bumble Dating – Friends & Business

A brief history of how Bumble became one of the popular online dating app competing against Tinder, Hinge, eHarmony, OkCupid, and Meetme including A few years back Whitney Wolfe the founder of Bumble worked at Tinder. But was in a dating relationship with the then CEO of Tinder. Few years down the line, she got sexually harassed and took the CEO, Tinder, and IAC presently called Match Group to court and won a million-dollar settlement.

So, a year later when her working contract with Tinder expired. She started Bumble with a two-member team she convinced to follow her.

Although, she had no intention of creating an online dating app. Notwithstanding, Andrey the founder of Badoo a big dating app in London convinced her of creating Bumble to compete with Tinder. Investing a large amount of his money. Today, he owns 79% of Bumble in share.

The launch of Bumble dating and relationship app for singles who are interested in serious dating relationships letter became a global concern. Bumble dating app so much grew in popularity as the best online dating app that Match Group back in 2017 offered to buy off Bumble for $450 million. But Bumble founder refused to sell the App.

Before we proceed, I will quickly give you a snippet of what the post covers.

Content Breakdown:

  • What Is Bumble?
  • How Bumble Matching works
  • Bumble Features
  • Next, Bumble Vs Tinder
  • Bumble Boost – Bumble Premium Subscription
  • Getting Started with Bumble
  • Bumble Match Setup
  • Lastly, How to Become a Verified Bumble Member

What is Bumble?

To start with, it’s a dating and relationship app from the start. But currently, Bumble is not just for online dating but a networking platform for making new friends as well as for creating business or professional networks known as Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz.

How Matching works

After a new user account registration on Bumble with the user’s credentials or the Facebook profile of the new member. The user is faced with a profile set up after which comes matching. However, women are given the upper hand to message first on Bumble.

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But you can only receive messages from someone you are matched with. But to be a match you must first like profiles of those you find attractive on the platform. On Bumble, you can gain lots of matches by browsing profiles of people within your set filter. When faced with the profile of someone you like, swipe right or swipe left if you don’t like the person.

Importantly, every match lasts for 24hours, if by the end of 24hours there was no connection created by the matched (exchange of messages), the match is lost.

Further, Bumble matching has a unique matching feature called “SupperSwipe” used to signify how important one desires to meet or to be a match for a specific individual. So, with SuperSwipe you connect with the most attractive people that you really desire to meet, to let them know how seriously you really do want to be matched with them.


There set features that made Bumble online dating app a competitor to Match Group and Tinder. First, you need to know that Bumble is for singles who are interested in a serious relationship and who anticipate commitment from their partner. Here a few unique features of the Bumble dating app:

Top Filters – Find your right date or next BFF and get an unforgettable first online encounter

SuperSwipe – See someone you really like? Send a SuperSwipe to get their attention

Travel – Match with amazing people around the world without leaving your home

Spotlight – If you are aware of Tinder Boost. Bumble has a similar feature called the spotlight. The spotlight feature on Bumble helps to advertise your profile to lots of Bumble users for 30 minutes. However, it comes with a cost. But if you do pay for the spotlight, your profile will be the first to appear whenever users login to their Bumble account. Therefore, making you the most seen and possibly the most liked. As a result, you will gain lots of matches.

Bumble vs Tinder

Bumble is all about getting to the point. On like Tinder, men are given the room to message to ladies which looks like an unsure act. In that, as a guy, you don’t know if the lady will be interested.

On the other hand, Bumble makes it a lot easier by allowing ladies to message guys first, which simply means that any lady who messages a guy is probably interested in the guy.

So, Bumble offers more tailored matching. Adding to the fact that singles on Bumble are there for a serious and long term relationship. Further, a handful of singles on Bumble are there to hook up with possible marriage partner or life soul mate.

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In sum, if you are interested in casual dating or one nightstand. Perhaps, just a hookup partner to whine away time. Then, Tinder is good to go dating site for you. On the other hand, for something more specific, serious, and long term Bumble is the best fit.

 Boost – How Much Does Bumble Premium Features Cost?

The Bumble boost is a paid premium feature for members who want to enjoy profile visibility on Bumble as well as use other premium features like;

  • See everyone who swiped right on you.
  • Rematch with expired connections.
  • Extend your matches by 24 hours.
  • Search with unlimited filters.
  • Unlimited swiping

The above-listed features are only when you pay for a premium upgrade which costs; $10.99 per week, $24.99 per month, and $149.99 a lifetime subscription. Spotlight and SuperSwipe are purchased with Bumble Coins.

Bumble Coins – Spotlight & SuperSwipe

Specifically, Bumble Coins is purchased in its dollar equivalent. A coin goes for $1.99, and 30 for $37.99. More so, each Spotlight use costs 2 coins, and each SuperSwipe use costs 1 coin.

Getting Started With Bumble

To sign up or register for a Bumble account, you either use the Bumble dating site (web platform) through a web browser on your desktop computer or laptop or download the Bumble App for mobile devices like Android and iOS; iPhone & iPad from Google play store and App store.

Download Link for Bumble Android Users.

Download Link for Bumble iOS users.

After the app download, perhaps the web version of Bumble through a web browser, you will need to register for a Bumble account with your credentials (phone number) or join with your Facebook account.

Next, after successful account creation is to set up your profile according to Bumble terms and conditions.

 Membership Profile terms and conditions

At this point, you will be required to choose 6 photos as your profile pictures. Create an attractive bio of not more than 300 words. And link your Instagram account, though, it’s optional.

Match Setup

To see people likely to match you on Bumble, you will need to set up your match filters by distance, age, and gender. To be specific about your matches, you can use the Advanced Bumble filters though limited to just using 2 filters in each Bumble mode without the premium Bumble Boost subscription.

When matched, you have 24 hours to message the person you are matched with, else the connection or match is lost. Free users can extend the hours of the match for one match per day without a Bumble boost.

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Bumble Services

Initially, when Bumble was created it was merely an online dating app for singles who want to be in a romantic relationship. But as time went on, the app expanded from being a dating platform – Bumble date to Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz.

Bumble Date – The dating service of Bumble for singles who want to enter into a romantic relationship or sexual or emotional entanglement.

Bumble BFF – a service that helps Bumble user meets new friends on the platform.

Lastly, Bumble Bizz – The Bizz feature is for business and professional networking on the platform.

How to Access the Bumble Date – BFF and Bizz

You can access any of the Bumble modes when you visit or launch the Bumble app and tap the logo at the top of the screen to switch to any of the Bumble modes of your desire.

Keynote: you need to know that you will have to create a user profile for each Bumble mode – Date, BFF, and Bizz. In other words, your Bumble date profile won’t be used as your Bizz profile neither will it used as your BFF profile.

How to Verify Bumble Profile

To become a verified user of Bumble dating, BFF, and Bizz, you will need to verify your profile. To verify, take a selfie when asked, and the hand gesture required. It makes sense to say that the selfie for verification is not shown anywhere and to anybody.


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