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How to See Who Shared My Facebook Posts

You make a post on Facebook and make it accessible to people other than yourself. When this happens, Facebook gives your chosen audience the access to view your post, react to it, leave a comment as well as share the post to other places on the website. With Facebook, it is quite easy to see how many people shared your post. However, the site privacy settings will determine whether you see the names of all those who shared your post. But the best part is, there are few ways of determining who shared your post. Facebook, on the other hand, allows you to control your sharing settings to fit your privacy needs.

How Does Facebook Post Sharing Work

How does Facebook post sharing work?

Anytime someone clicks on the “Share” tab at the bottom of a Facebook post, they’ll come across multiple options for where to share the post. Facebook allows users to immediately share with their default audience and post items to their Timeline. Alternatively, users can select a custom audience that ranges from the public to only them. Users can also share the post to another person’s Timeline to a group or even a Facebook page. Facebook users can share it through a private message or post it to their Facebook story. However you have to understand that when someone shares your post, they get to choose the audience, so you can lose some privacy in the process.

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You also have to understand that, if the content shared was a news article or type of media for which you added a personal comment, the shared post usually does not have your personal text by default. Rather the sharer has to select the option for “Include Original Post” for that to appear.

How Do You Check Who Shared Your Posts?

Even though privacy settings can have an impact, your Facebook notifications can often notify you when someone else shares a post. This is to enable you to identify them easily. When this happens, you can click that notification to go to the post or even check your friend’s Timeline to see it. Also, you can tell someone shared your post when you see it pop up on your Timeline.

In other instances, you can manually locate the post on your Timeline. Also, you can look for a link directly below the post content which mentions the number of shares the post has.

On the Facebook website, you can easily click on that link to bring up a list of the shared posts immediately. However, if you are on the Facebook app, you can click on that link to display your post in a new window. Thereafter, look for another share link below the reactions count to bring up the list. The activity list displays the names of people who shared the post along with any additional text added, reactions, comments, and shares on their end.

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Understanding Shared List Limitations

Facebook sometimes notifies you that several people shared your post but you only see a few shared posts on the list. However the site warns that this happens because of the privacy settings of the people who shared. If your friend happens to have shared the post to a narrow audience on their timeline or to a private group note. Except you go around asking your Facebook friends who shared the post, then you probably won’t be able to tell in this kind of situation.

Adjusting Your Post Sharing Settings – How to See Who Shared My Facebook Posts

You can easily control who can share your posts. Also, you can adjust your general Facebook privacy settings or editing them for a specific post.

In order to update sitewide settings:

  • Access your account settings via the drop-down menu on Facebook’s website. Alternatively via the hamburger menu on the Facebook app.
  • After you get into your settings, search for the Privacy or Privacy Settings option. Here you can locate settings for who sees future posts and the option to limit the audience of past posts.
  • You can go into the Timeline and Tagging settings to keep others from putting your posts in their Facebook stories.
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If you want to target a specific post:

  • Choose the audience icon if you are using the Facebook website.
  • Alternatively, you can click the icon with three dots on the Facebook app.
  • Select Edit Privacy.
  • Then you can limit the post’s audience to friends you want to see and be able to share the post.




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