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How to Reset My Username & Password on My Netgear Router

How to Reset My Username & Password on My Netgear Router – In this article, we will be explaining how you can reset your username and password on your Netgear router. It is quite a simple task to do once you know the right simple steps to take. We also will be explaining it in detail to help you follow through and successfully reset your login details easily.How to Reset My Username & Password on My Netgear Router

If there is any malfunctioning that causes your internet connection to drop from time to time you can reset your Netgear wireless router. With the Factory Settings button or by getting access to the Web interface, you can easily get all of the router’s settings to default values which erases all customization.

That said, we will be starting off by showing you how to access the web interface.

How to Reset My Username & Password on My Netgear Router Via the Web Interface

To reset your username and password on your Netgear router through the web interface you do this:

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You can also check the label on the back of the device for the URL or IP address of some Netgear routers. This is because some of them come with the label printed on them. But if the default IP addresses and URLs won’t work, then can you make use of the Command Prompt in locating the correct IP.

To use the Command IP:

  • Tap on ‘Windows-X’ to display the Power User menu in Windows and choose ‘Command Prompt’ to open the utility.
  • Enter ‘ipconfig’ into the Command Prompt and hit on the ‘Enter’ tab to get detailed information about the network.
  • Find the router’s IP address in the Default Gateway section and make use of it in accessing the Web interface.

Thereafter enter username and Netgear router password into the User Name and Password fields. The default username on Netgear routers is admin as well as the default password is password or 1234.

How to Restore Settings from the Web

In case you don’t know the correct username or password for the router’s control panel, you will have to reset the router using the Restore Factory Settings button. Alternatively, you can choose ‘Backup Settings’ from the Maintenance section of the left button and thereafter click on the ‘Erase’ button in the Revert to Factory Default Settings section in order to reset the Netgear router.

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Also, you have to understand some routers do not prompt you to confirm your action and reset immediately. This means it won’t restore all settings to defaults and erase all customizations. However, if you get the prompt, simply click on ‘OK’ to confirm. The Power LED will start blinking and the router will restart when the reset is complete. Thereafter you can access the router when the Power LED turns solid green.

How to Reset My Username & Password on My Netgear Router Using Factory Restore Button

Most Netgear Routers come with a Restore Factory Settings buttons. These buttons are recessed into the case, on the back of the device.

To use the Factory Restore Button:

  • Use a paperclip in pressing the ‘Restore Factory Settings’ button
  • Hold it for at least seven seconds or until the Power LED begins to reset the router.
  • Don’t exert too much pressure on the Restore Factory Settings tab to avoid damaging it and voiding your router’s warranty.
  • Once the reset is complete, the device will restart.

For routers like the DGN2000 and DG834Gv5 routers that do not have a Restore Factory Settings button to reset them:

  • Hold the Wireless On/Off and WPS buttons for at least six seconds or until the Power LED light begins to blink.

You can also find instructions on how to reset your Netgear router model in the user manual which comes with the device. You can download the user manual from the Netgear Support website if you can’t lay your hands on the hard copy.

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You can easily change your Netgear password from the Web interface without resetting the router to find or change the password of the wireless network.



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