RECOVERY OF GMAIL PASSWORD:- Google accounts are secured with a password.  Therefore. these passwords are created by a user to the very best of his/ her knowledge. Sometimes, when these passwords are considered lost, or security threats of possible tampering, we usually look for possible means to recover the lost password.  To lose your password is not a good state to be in.RECOVERY OF GMAIL PASSWORD

Recovery of Gmail password

Losing your email password could cause you a lot. Therefore, if you forgot your password or username, or you can’t get verification codes, kindly follow these steps. It will help you to recover your Google Account password. RECOVERY OF GMAIL PASSWORD guide helps you to access services like Gmail, Photos, and Google Play, and more.

Note: If you once opened an account through your work, school, or another group, then, these steps might not work. Check with the admin of the site.

Forgot your password

Follow the steps below to be able to recover your Gmail password

  • Enter your email address
  • Click on forgot password
  • You’ll be asked some questions to confirm it’s your account. Answer as best you can.
  • Reset your password when prompted.
  • Choose a strong password that you haven’t already used with this account.


Gmail passwords can be recovered through different means. To recover the password through short messaging system SMS, the following will be done

  •              Firstly, open the Gmail link account on your browser
  •             Enter the email address and click  the next Button then you have to click on the forgot password
  •             Then enter the password you remember or click on try another way
  •             You’ll be taken to get a verification code, this happens when you have added a phone number.
  •             Click on the send button.
  •             Open your mobile phone copy the Received code and enter into the verification box
  •             Lastly, click on the verify button and enter the new password
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Recover password without a phone number

In cases where there’s no phone number attached to the email account, this process will take you through on how to recover  a lost password

  •             Firstly, Open the Gmail app in your browser and enter your email ID and press next.
  •              Click on forget password link under the password field
  •             Enter the password you can  remember or click on try another link
  •             Now you are taken to get verification code link if you have added another recovery email ID in the account.
  •             Complete the email ID and click on the button to receive the email with a code.
  •             Open the alternate email and copy the received code.
  •             Enter the code into the verification box click on the Next button.
  •             Lastly, Enter the new password and confirm it.

Tip: Please carefully know that whenever you change your password for your Gmail account you are automatically logged out from every device. This is the case except for the particular device used to verify the account’s at the time you signed in. In addition,  any other device that you must have given express access to your Gmail account.

RECOVERY OF GMAIL PASSWORD – How to recover high jacked email account

If you think or suspect someone is using your Google Account without your permission, then, follow the steps to recover the highjacked email. Kindly follow the steps below

  • Sign in to Google account.
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Tip: If you can’t sign in, then, click on the recovery page. Furthermore, answer every question correctly.

  • Review activity and help secure your hacked account.
  • Take more security steps.

Recover forgotten email address you use to sign in

In cases where the created email address is lost. First, swiftly follow these processes to recover a forgotten email address.

  • Follow the steps to find your username. You’ll need to know:
    • A phone number or the recovery email address for the account
    • The full name on your account
  • Follow the instructions to confirm it’s your account.
  • You’ll see a list of usernames that match your account.

Tip: For your security, you can’t call Google for help to sign in to your account. That is to say,  Do not give out your passwords or verify codes.

RECOVERY OF GMAIL PASSWORD – Tips on account recovery

If you can’t sign in, then, follow these steps to increase your chances of getting back into your Google Account:

  •  Firstly, go to the account recovery page of the admin provider.
  • As you complete the steps, use as many of the tips below as you can. (You might not see all the questions described here.)

Tip: If you already tried to recover your account and got a “Google couldn’t verify this account belongs to you” message, you can try again.

Answer as many questions as possible

Try not to skip questions. In other words, If you’re unsure of an answer, take your best guess rather than moving on to another question.

Use a familiar device & location

If possible:

  • Firstly, Use a computer, phone, or tablet where you frequently sign in.
  • Use the same browser (like Chrome or Safari or phoenix) that you usually do
  • Lastly, Be in a location where you usually sign in, like at home or at work

Be exact with passwords & answers to security questions

Details matter, therefore, avoid typos and pay attention to uppercase and lowercase letters.

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If you’re asked for the last password you remember, enter the most recent one you recall.

  • If don’t remember your last password: Use a previous one that you do remember. That is, the more recent it is, the better.
  • If you can’t confidently recall any previous passwords: Take your best guess.

Answers to security questions

If you’re asked a security question and you:

  • For example, Don’t remember the answer: Take your best guess.
  • Know the answer but didn’t recover your account on your first try: Consider a different variation of the answer. For example, try “NY” instead of “New York” or “Phil” instead of “Philip.”

Enter an email connected to your account

If you’re asked to enter an email address you can check now, next, enter the one that you’ve added to your account. Here are some examples:

  • A recovery email address helps you get back in and is where we send you security notifications.
  • An alternate email address is one you can use to sign in.
  • A contact email address is where you get information about most Google services you use.

Add helpful details When Going Through RECOVERY OF GMAIL PASSWORD 

If you’re asked why you can’t access your account, then, you should go ahead and including helpful details.

Some examples are:

  • You’re traveling.
  • Using a different device.
  • Health challenges.
  • You get a specific error message.
  • Maybe, you think your account was compromised because of malware or another reason.
  • You changed your password last week and can’t remember it.

If your description matches the information Google has, then, this similarity can help your case.