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How to Reset Wechat Password – Forgot Password – Recover Password with Email Or Phone Number

Forgot WeChat Password? Would you like an easy password recovery process? If yes, the Email and phone number recovery process is the easiest how to reset the WeChat password option offered Password recovery page on WeChat.Reset Wechat Password

WeChat Security Login

WeChat as a social networking site protects its user’s account with login details created by the user during account sign-up. Imagine social networking sites with login protection.

What if there wasn’t a need to access Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Telegram, Badoo, TikTok, and other instant messaging apps and platforms with login access only known to users. That would have been freed without control which would have resulted in a mass discrepancy of information.

Thank God to security logins in the form of usernames, emails, user IDs, and passwords.

WeChat Password – Can I Recover WeChat Password?

if you forgot your WeChat login password, you can do WeChat password change on PC, with an Android phone, iPhone, or iPad. WeChat password recovery allows you to create a new password for WeChat.

What Do I need to Reset WeChat Login Details?

The reset your WeChat password, you either need access to the email used in signing up on WeChat or the phone number. In each case, make sure you have access to the email or phone number as a password reset verification code will be sent to confirm WeChat account ownership.

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WeChat Password Change How – How to Change WeChat Password with Pc

Is changing the WeChat password through the WeChat Settings the best thing to do when trying to recover a forgotten password? The answer depends on what you want to do. If you can’t remember your password, then you need to do a Wechat password reset or recovery.

But if your WeChat password is tampered with, or got into unknown hands, it would be ideal to change your password using a PC. Though the password change process is simple and easy; On WeChat,>settings or Profile> edit profile> manage password> change password> follow suit the instructions to complete the change.

How to Reset WeChat Password – WeChat Password Recovered

They’re two ways to recover your forgotten WeChat password; through a web browser for Desktop or PC recovery, on WeChat App for mobile phone users like Android and iOS; iPhone and iPad.

On Desktop

  • Open a web browser
  • Visit
  • Navigate and tap on the login button
  • Click on the “Forgotten Password” link question
  • Input your recovery means; email or phone number
  • A code will be sent to you, go check your email or your phone, and type in the code in the space provide, still on the browser you are using to change the email OR if a reset password link is attached to the email or message sent to your phone number, click on it and follow suit the reset instructions.
  • Click on continue after you have typed the code sent to you
  • Create a new password (make sure it’s unique and that you can easily remember it).
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On Android or iOS; iPhone & iPad

  • Launch the WeChat app on your phone, if you don’t have it installed, go to google play store for Android users and Apple AppStore for iOS users to download it
  • When the app opens, it will request you to either sign up or log in
  • Tap on the login button
  • Under the field to enter username and password, tap on the “Forgot password” link
  • Key in your email or phone number, copy the sent code, and paste it back on the OTP field
  • Click continue and head on to create a new password.
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