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The Dangers of Out-of-Office Auto-Reply Messages

You can address wrong people

What happens when you leave your business for a trip? You got to plan well. Thus, setting up Auto-reply messages can be the next in line option. But this also has dangers. Although, this helps you stay connected with your clients.Auto-Reply

You may be talking about the wrong risk by using Out-Of-Office auto-replies. This doesn’t mean that it is wrong. You can lose your sensitive data to the hands of the wrong people who got to email you while you are out.

There is always two sides to a coin. Especially in this case of Auto reply. It can be helpful and as well, maybe harmful too. The information is always useful but the person who is emailing you could be the wrong client to access such information. Thus, it can affect if the person turns to use it over criminal acts. For instance, what if the information was to reply to any of your workers over a certain project to work on? Imagine the outcome. That is so dangerous.

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What you reveal setting up Out-of-office auto-reply messages

For instance: I should be leaving for Canada on 5 days conference by the weekend (August 12-15). Therefore, remember to contact me for more directions on what to do at 555-1022. In fact, you should meet Mr. James for help. He lives to close to the office off-street Danlinton, Mc road. Contact him at 555-1212.

Mr. Peters sent me to pick up the recent transactions to his office for easier access when Sir. Kim is back. Would you mind letting me have it for delivery?As a busy office, the secretary will let you in to avoid interruption from customers.

This could be a perfect example to reveal what could be disclosed when auto-message replies. Now guess what you have just revealed with your Auto-replies…..

Contact details

In the information you released in, you have revealed your contact that can be useful to the scammer to easily put together plans for theft. Thus, they now have the number, email address, and office, as well as Mr. James’ number.

The mail server delivers the auto-reply details whenever a mail is received.

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Type of Work, job title, location of the office

With your signature on your mail, it reveals your job title, the company name which is what you do; Phone number and fax number as well will be shown. You also reported he is second in command when you are not around.

What if eventually the scammer walks in seeking for ID to be the acting director until he is back from the trip?  Eventually, you will assume that is true from the email sent to him.

What you should avoid on your Out-of-Office Auto-Reply Message: solutions

Avoid revealing that you are somewhere by simply using I will be “Unavailable”. ‘This is a complicating sentence. Thus, it can mean that is within the town or off town or even in the office but engaged with higher tasks.

Avoid Contact info

Don’t give out phone numbers next time. Go by saying that you will keep an eye on your email in case they need help.

Remove your Signature Block in the Auto-reply message

Scammers per se, are ready to get this information. Therefore, avoid using it when you are setting up an auto-reply message.

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