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My Email Addresses – All you need to know About Email Addresses

Everything you need to know about Email Addresses

       Common email addresses, how they are used, and how to get one

An email address is an electronic mailbox designed for sending and receiving messages on a computer.

What is the meaning of Email Address?

I will show you how to understand an email address by letting you know what every entity represents in an email address. For instance, let’s assume you have an email address such as The name here is moving from general to specific entity from right to left.Email Addresses

Let’s take out the.COM from the right.This represents the top-level domain also known as TLD. Some email addresses could be .org, .edu, ETC. However, each of them represents a type of entity. Let me show some other commonly used TLDs you must have across and why they are used.

  • Firstly, .comTLD: This is used by entities that are into the commerce world.
  • Next,  .orgTLD: This is commonly used in nonprofit organizations.
  • Also, .edu TLD: This is used by educational institutions.
  • Next, .net TLD: This is by network providers.
  • Finally, .govTLD: This is used by governmental agencies.
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Each of the TLD has what they represent and cannot be used outside the context which it was meant.

Over to the Acme in the email address example.This represents the name of the organization. It can be any name. You are maybe conversant with names like, etc. Now, the name is combined with TLD to give you the address you can use to locate a website on a browser.

Over to the @ Symbol is the example.This serves as a bridge or link or connector between the domain and the person at that domain using the email address.  Here, we used Jim as the person. To interpret what happens here, when you send a message to this address example, it means that the message is sent to Jim at Acme Corporation, which is the entity. But computers need to understand this. So, therefore, email addresses use the syntax

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My Email Addresses – What is the correct Format for an Email Address?

The correct format for an email address is Username@entity.TLD. That is so is a correct example of the correct email address format. Thus, it takes a few characters such as punctuation marks like period and underscore. In Fact, a username can be in numerous formats. For example, it can include First Name or First Name.Last Name.

Note: An email address can be up to 254 characters long plus the domain name and the @ sign.

In some email addresses, names are capitalized and many not. This does not really matter because the email address is assigned to one person. So even when typed in capital letters, it will deliver it. Let me show you with example. If Jim’s email address is, you can send it to and it will deliver it to Jim’s email.

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Where and How Do I Get an Email Address?

You can get an email address from your internet service provider, company, school, or via a web-based email service like; Gmail,, iCloud, Finally,  Yahoo! Mail.

Creating a customer email address could be the best way to get an email. With a custom email address, you don’t need to worry about changing schools, jobs, or even service providers.

Even with multiple email account, Outlook gives you a lovely connection to all your account with only one view.

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