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Create Zalo Account – Zalo Login Account – Zalo App Download

Create Zalo Account – Zalo Login Account – Zalo App Download – Zalo Login Web – ZaloAccount Sign Up

Zalo is more like an instant messenger app with a similar function to Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. With the Zalo networking app or Zalo web through a web browser, you can connect with friends and share memories together. Just one thing is needful, to chat and share just any media content on Zalo, you will need to Create a Zalo account.Zalo

How to Create Zalo account or do Zalo account sign-up is why this post is written but more so, is to help your access your Zalo login page and sign in to access your Zalo profile.

If it’s your first time hearing the name Zalo, it’s simply because you are not a Vietnam citizen. Actually, Zalo is called a Vietnam messaging app because it’s popularly used in Vietnam with millions of users and subscribers.

Zalo Video chat app, also used for online dating was launched in 2012, a chatting platform, with more than 100 million users worldwide. On a daily basis, people send about 900 million messages, make 50 million minutes of calls, and deliver 45 million pictures through the app. There are millions of Zalo app reviews on different online communities even down in quora.

Zalo Vietnam Messaging App – Zalo Pay

As earlier noted, Zalo is a video chat room and conferencing app mostly known in Vietnam. The app is built for both smartphone users and desktop users in that, Zalo can be downloaded in app stores and as well accessed through a web browser. The app is compatible with Android and iOS devices; iPhone and iPad.

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Is the Zalo app the same as Zalo Pay? The answer is yes and no, yes in that Zalo pay is a payment processing gateway and app developed and owned by Zalo messaging owners but it’s used for online bill payment bank payment processing and other payment uses. It’s a safe and secure payment processing app used to send money across many countries.

Zalo App Download – Zalo Web Download

You can download the Zalo app on the Google play store for Android and Apple store for iOS devices. Here we are going to show you also how to download the app for PC or desktop users and then help you create a Zalo account so you can start video chatting and hosting of conferences with Zalo.

On Desktop

To download the Zalo app on pc, you will need to visit the Pc download page at and follow the download instructions. So Laptop users should log onto this page and download zalo app for pc 2020. But be sure you are connected to the internet. Then do the following;

  • Visit the above URL with a web browser
  • Click on the download button
  • Wait for the app to finish downloading (about 111MB)
  • Locate the app download folder
  • Click on the app twice to launch the installation process
  • Follow the on-screen installation guide to complete the installation
  • Open the app when done to proceed to the Zalo signup
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On Smartphone (Zalo App Download on Android and iOS) iPhone & iPad

To download the Zalo app to your mobile phone, you will need to visit an app store on your phone but be sure you are connected to the internet and follow the below guide to install Zalo on your mobile device (Android, iPhone & iPad) and even on a tablet.

  1. Launch your phone store (google play store for Android users and Apple store for iOS users)
  2. Search Zalo using the search too bar
  3. Click on the app
  4. Tap on download
  5. Wait for the download to finish
  6. Open the app and proceed to sign up

How to Create Zalo Account –Zalo Account Sign UP

The signup process is simple and easy, just follow suit to sign up for Zalo free video chatting and conferencing.

  1. Open the app
  2. Click on the Register link
  3. Provide the required account sign up info
  4. Verify your account
  5. Set up your profile
  6. Start messaging with Zalo

Zalo Login Account – Zalo Login web

To sign in to your Zalo account, you will need your login details.

  • Open the app
  • Tap on the login
  • Enter Username
  • Key in password
  • Tap on sign in
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