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Disposable Email Address – Top 6 Disposable Email Address Services

With a disposable email address, you can avoid spam near your inbox. Now, you can do this by giving a website or contact a disposable email address instead of your original email address. This enables you to disable the disposable address when you find out spam.  You can choose below, the disposable email address service to use and reduce spam ad more fun.Disposable Email Address

Top 6 Disposable Email Address Services


Spamgourmet offers flexible disposable email addresses for your account protection. Thus, to do this, you may need to sign up for an account and provide the email address you want to protect. Afterward, you can now choose a Spamgourmet address forwards to your protected email address. Do you know what? From now henceforth, you don’t need to give out your email address to people you are not too sure about. This is why you need a Spamgourmet address.

This disposable email service makes it possible to prevent spam to your real email address. Thus, it has an easy to remove aliases. This service enables you to create multiple public email addresses. Thus, this is interpreted as aliases for each contact. Here, each of the aliases still forwards to your real email addresses. So assuming you discover one of the aliases bears spam messages, you have no much time than to delete it and set a new alias to the account.

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Here, the domain is You can also make use of your own domain name.


GishPuppy is a disposable email address service. This platform is good at functional and simple features. Even the free service offers disposable email addresses that automatically forward messages to your main email account. Thus, you can trash your GishPuppy email and get a new disposable account anytime it bears spam.

Remember, instead of giving your real email address, GishPuppy address can go for it.


Spamex disposable email service offers a strong and useful disposable email address to the complete features.  This helps you to present a working email without giving out your main email address to people. Here, you can detect the source of spam and you easily dispose of it or turn it off.

Spamex is unlike the normal disposable email service. It is browser-based. Thus, you can make use of it comfortably on the most operating systems and also mobile devices.


Mailinator is another email disposable service that offers you with a disguised email address and forwards it to your main email address. Here, email addresses are accountable to and you will pick up the mail at the site. Thus, the whole spam is going straight to the site and your real email address is free from spam.

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Here, mails sent are stored in the public domain. This is unusual with other services. All you need to do is to open an email address from hundreds of domains. But, email gets to delete automatically after a few hours. helps you also to create disposable email addresses that can last for an approved life span. This is cool to use when you need to give out a one-time email address. It forwards your email to your actual email address through your disposable email address over its limited life span. Once the life span you chose comes to an end, it will deactivate automatically. So you can keep on creating a new one once it is deactivated.


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