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Benjamin Mastercard Application process is easy and straightforward. The card empowers cardholders to achieve higher limits up to 25K, get more amazing rewards and Benjamin Mastercard Apply

However, with the can you can build your own credit card journey, also choose the metal that matches your style as you ditch metal.

If you don’t know how to start the application process, this article will guide you. You will also learn how to check your application status, after you submit your application.

How To Apply for Benjamin Card

Go to

Tap on Join The Waitlist button

Provide your first name

Enter your last name

Key in your email address

Agree to receive communication from Benjamin

Then, click on Join The Waitlist

It should take you to the application page. Where you provide the following info

  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Contact number
  • Employment details
  • SSN and lots more
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Kindly follow the instructions to complete the application. After applying, you can wait for a response. Keep checking your application status to see if you’re eligible for the card.

How To Check Your Application Status

To access your application status, proceed with the steps under

  • Move to the official website at
  • Scroll down and tap on the tab that says “ already on the watchlist? Check your status” under Join The Waitlist.
  • Key in your email address
  • Tap on Check My status

The next page should unveil your application status. With this you will be able to know your stand in getting the card. If you qualify for the card you will know by the result.

Benjamin Card Features And Benefits

Offers bill split feature

Provides subscription control

Card lock feature

Accept Apple pay

Cardholders can sync unlimited accounts

Offers student loan management

Net worth management

Credit Report tracking

Offers insurance programs

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Amazing Travel upgrades

Earn points and invest it.

Limits up to $250,000

No strong credit pull for eligibility

Other Benjamin Card

Benjamin offers about three card products. They are as follows

  • Mastercard
  • World Mastercard
  • Mastercard World Elite

Each if this cards has its unique rewards and benefits. Find out the benefits below

For Mastercard Cardholder

Enjoy free annual fee

Get 2x cash back on dining purchases

Receive 2x cash back on a subscription with the card

Enjoy 1xvon Gym memberships

Get 1x on insurance.

For World Mastercard  Cardholder

A $149 yearly fee

Enjoy 3x cash back on dining purchases

Receive 3x cash back reward on subscription

2x cash back on gyms

2x reward on insurance

2x cash back on travel purchases

Enjoy 1x cash back on all purchase

For Mastercard World Elite Cardholders

Get 4x cashback on dining

Receive 4x cash rewards on subscription

Enjoy 3x cash back on gyms

Get 3x cash back on insurance

3x cash rewards on travel purchases

On all other purchases, get 1x cashback.

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