www.start.watchown.tv/activate – Roku and Firestick Viewing Mobile App Activate

it’s now good news that viewers of Oprah Winfrey’s Network (OWN) can now stream their favorite TV shows and programs through their mobile device or desktop without been glued to their television set. The live streaming on Mobile devices and personal computers is possible only on activation when you download the mobile app and activate your device by visiting www.start.watchown.tv/activate.Roku and Firestick Viewing Mobile App

OWN TV on Mobile Phone & Desktop – Start Watch OWN TV Activate Procedures

Be sure you have a Cable TV subscription before activation so you will be able to view video content when you download and activate your App on your mobile device or desktop computer. The below procedures will help you activate your OWN TV on mobile devices;

  • Visit your Appstore (Android user; Google play store, iOS users; Appstore).
  • Find the OWN TV App using the search bar.
  • Tap on the Install or Download OWN app.
  • Open the App, select your TV provider and retrieve activation code
  • Next, go to start.watchown.tv/activate
  • Input your activation code
  • Tap on the Activate button
  • Sign in with your TV provider login credentials
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Be sure you have a cable TV subscription to view OWN TV or else the App won’t work. The premium video content view only works with Subscription.

Watch OWN TV Devices – List of Devices Compatible with OWN TV

A handful of people complain that their devices aren’t compatible with OWN TV, however, they need to know that OWN TV works in almost all devices but just doesn’t work with a few. So here is the list of all the devices compatible with the OWN TV network; mobile devices, Desktop, and Television broadcast.

  • Android devices
  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • Fire TV
  • Apple devices
  • Chromecast
  • Stream on watchown.tv
  • Amazon Firestick

 OWN TV Content – Popular OWN TV Shows – Programs

The instructions above are to help you access OWN TV on mobile phone via mobile and desk App, however, you can stream and view on-demand your favorite TV show, programs, and series anytime, anywhere, but you will need an internet connection to be able to stream live and watch your favorite TV shows using the OWN TV App.

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The App helps you in keeping tab with TV shows schedule and times each shows and live stream takes place. So with the App, you can easily open and check the current show playing at each point in time so you don’t miss out.

List of Popular TV Shows & Programs

  • The Paynes
  • Iyanla: Fix My Life
  • SuperSoul Sunday
  • The Haves and Have Nots
  • Greenleaf
  • Queen Sugar
  • If Loving You Is Wrong

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