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Roku keeps Buffering! How to fix – 2022/23 – Rich Guide

Roku keeps buffering: You can enjoy seeing movies or shows through Roku in HD quality. It’s a smooth ride until buffering starts. This can make the movie boring or cause you to completely lose interest. But, there’s an explanation for why Roku buffers.Roku keeps buffering

Roku users?

Roku is a digital media player produced by the American company Roku, Inc. It offers amazing services such as video streaming. You can stream live videos, and enjoy free access to live news, sports, and much more.

Why does Roku buffer constantly?

Streaming videos through Roku is convenient. But when it starts buffering, it’s a different story.

Here are some of the reasons why Roku buffers:

  • When you experience repeated This may be as a result of technical issues or slow internet connection.
  • Also, when you have many devices connected to the same
  • Overheating of operating
  • Outdated operating

How to fix the buffering issue on Roku

  1. Run a speed test

A slow internet connection is one of the common causes of the Roku buffer. You can check how fast your network is by running an internet speed test. Roku comes with built-in features that allow you to do that.

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All you have to do is:

  • Click on the home button and go to
  • Select the network and check the

Your Roku internet must be fast enough for it to play videos. For instance, if the picture quality of your video is 720p, you will need to stream at least 2Mbps speed.

2.  Restart your Roku device

Restarting your Roku device is a simple way to fix your buffering issues. To restart your Roku device:

  • Click on settings and go to the
  • Then, click on system restart

Also, you can decide to unplug your Roku streaming stick from the power supply. Then plug it back.

3.  Restart your router

You can restart your router by checking the instructions from the router manufacturer, or ISP on how to do so. Also, you can disconnect it from the power supply and plug it back. You can make use of the reset button.

4.  Disconnect other devices from your network

Your network can be overwhelming when you have other devices connected to it. These devices include tablets, smartphones, and laptops. Overloading the network gives rise to bandwidth. which results in disconnection of other devices when it is too low.

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What to do? You can put other devices on airplane mode and also cancel any downloads or updates.

5.  Restart your mode

Turn off your modem for 10 minutes. Then turn it back on. This will reset your internet connection.

6.  Talk to your internet provider

You can also talk to your internet provider. They can detect the cause of the connection and provide or suggest a better way to improve your settings. Also, an upgrade won’t be a bad idea!

7.  Clear the Roku’s cache

To do this :

  1. Select “Home” from the
  2. Use the remote control, and press the following
  • Press Home 5
  • Press
  • Press Rewind 2
  • Press Fast Forward 2

To clear the cache and restart, this process will take about 15-30 seconds.


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