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How to Fix a TV When the Screen Is Green

How to Fix a TV When the Screen Is Green, There are several issues that can lead to a picture having a greenish-tinge or even showing pure green. This may not be so pleasant when you are watching your favorite program. To learn how to fix this, read on!! How to Fix a TV When the Screen Is Green

Isolate Television

You can start by carrying out a simple diagnostic check. This will help you avoid wasting time exploring possible problems with your set. It will help you confirm that it is not the input source that is causing the problem. If for instance you normally watch the output from your cable or satellite box, you can try switching to your over-the-air antenna. Or you can try playing a DVD or Blu-ray in order to check that the green is indeed being created by your television set.

Check Your Connections

Check your connections, by loosening connections or faulty jacks and sockets. This may imply that some of the color information is not getting through. In some cases, it may be that the only color information which makes it to the screen relates to the green part of the picture.

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In other cases, connection faults could imply that the picture assumes a hue that although it has multiple colors, is greener than it is supposed to be. Either way, you have to confirm that your cables are connected correctly. Also if you have them available, you can try using different ones.

Color Settings

Normally, televisions break color information down into red, green and blue components . However, the intensity can be individually adjusted. That is, if the green is too high, or the red and blue come out too low, it can result in an overly green picture. For some television sets, you will find an option in the Settings menu which you can use in adjusting red, green and blue levels individually.

You can consult your manual to check if this is the case. For other sets, you may need to access a hidden service menu that is designed for engineers. Alternatively, you can also search online for details about the model and make of your TV set. However, you have to check carefully that the site that is offering the details appears legitimate and is one that you can trust. Please, don’t ever change service menu settings that you do not understand.


Television Fault

Now, if the problem is with the television set, the connections are fine and the color settings appear as they ought to, there may be a serious fault with your set. Most especially if the picture is entirely green implying that the only variation across the image is shade, instead of color. This failure could stem from one or more of the “guns” which beam electrons onto the color screen.

These guns handle red, blue, and green. As such, if the red and blue guns are damaged, the screen may be left green. Such damage may be caused by magnets that are close to the screen. For whatever the case may be, you will need to use a professional repair service in handling the set examination. You can start by getting a quote for the repair. This will help you determine if it’s best to buy a new set or carry out a repair on the old set.

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