Forward Hotmail Email to a Different Account – Create a Hotmail Account

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Email can be moved from one account to another. Hotmail is a case study here. And as such, we will look at how to make that happen. First and famous, you must have a Hotmail account to be able to proceed with what we are about doing. In other words, how to create a Hotmail Account. You can also do this with other Microsoft email account.Create a Hotmail Account

How to Create a Hotmail Account

 It is unfortunate that Hotmail email addresses may no longer be accessed except through Outlook. has steps for you to set up a Microsoft Outlook email account. Thus, now functions as the Hotmail account you ever knew. For you to Create a Hotmail Account, Follow the steps below;

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  • Firstly, Visit the Microsoft Outlook website at on your web browser.
  • Next, click on Create account. You will see this by the top right side of the page.
  • Choose an email address. That is to say, you can choose a name into the “New email” space.
  • You should select your email address’ domain as you click on the arrow facing-downward on the right side of the “New email” and then click on the domain that you want to use in the drop-down menu.
  • Enter a password under the create password field. Ensure that you enter a password with a combination of letters and numbers.
  • Also, Un-tick the “send me promotional emails from Microsoft” box under the box for password.
  • Next, click on “Next” on the blue bar.
  • Provide your first and last name, and click next.
  • Select a country or region.
  • Enter your date of birth, and click on the next bar
  • Provide a phone number and click on the send code below the bar for the phone number.
  • Finally, Now copy and paste the verification code sent to you via text.
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Back to how to forward Hotmail email to different accounts.

Forward Windows Live Hotmail Email to Different Email Account

Since Windows Live Hotmail is a part of, therefore, you are going to forward Hotmail email to a different email address via Outlook Mail. After you forward emails to other accounts, you will get messages and you don’t need to check the accounts all the time.

Follow the below steps for you to forward your Windows Live Hotmail to a different email account.

  • Firstly, Log in to your email through Outlook Mail.
  • Click on the Settings menu icon.
  • Head to MailForwarding.
  • Next, Choose View all Outlook settings.
  • Select the Enable forwarding checkbox.
  • In the Forward, my email field, enter the email address you want to forward messages.
  • Finally, Click on save to confirm the changes.