How to Add an Email Alias to Your GMX Mail Account

GMX Mail is a free email service that supports a lot of pop-up ads and some could be spam. But we have a handy solution to that right away.  Email Alias is a great solution to it. Thus, read on for more details on how you can add an email alias to your GMX Mail account. GMX Mail Account

Here you can add up to 10 add-on addresses at different GMX domains. Also, service is based on Qooxdoo, an open-source ajax web application framework.

Now that there is an email alias, you don’t have to set up separate accounts for different purposes or activities but rather, you can set up alias addresses. Thus, emails sent to your alias address will appear on your GMX Mail inbox which makes it easier to fish out spam. This does not stop you from sending emails directly from your real GMX Mail account.

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To add an email alias to your GMX Mail account is very simple and has a great advantage. The advantage is that it helps you keep off from spam emails easily. Thus, instead of your real account to be infected, your aliases will stand in the gap for you.

How to set up an email Alias t Your GMX Mail Account

Here is how to set up a new email address to use with your existing GMX Mail account:

  • Click on Settings in your GMX Mail account.
  • Move to the E-Mail
  • Locate and click on the Create Alias Address
  • Tap on “Create New E-Mail Address” beneath Create Alias Address.
  • Enter the part of your new email address; that is, in front of ‘@’ under “the desired username”.
  • Choose a GMX Mail domain under
  • Afterward, Click
  • When your desired username and domain is not available, check out again with a different combination.
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It is either you try with another domain or edit your desired username.

  • Next, click on “Create”.
  • Now that you have created a new address with an existing account, you should make the new address your default GMX Mail. to do that,
  1. Click on the desired address under “Create Alias Address”.
  2. Move to “Set As Default” and click on it.
  3. This address selected becomes the default address. Thus, it will be used to send a new message and reply as well instead of your real GMX Mail account.
  4. Next, click OK.

To know your default email address,

  • Click on the email address that appears next toFrom” when you compose a message in GMX Mail.
  • You can now choose the desired address from the menu that pops up.
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