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Yandex Mail is one big email service provider in Russia and on the world telecom industry. With Up you would access thousands of emails from clients, business associates, friends, and family.Yandex Mail

Just before then, know that access to mail allows you to send and receive an email directly to your Yandex mailbox. With no limit, Yandex storage storing up to a million emails in your Mailbox won’t be a challenge. Accompanied by the fact that creating a Yandex Email account is free and secured.

This simply means that your messages from the classified corp, businesses, and individuals are secured on the Yandex server.

What is Yandex Account?

Also, the Yandex account is an email account access that when a user registers at the Yandex mail website, you are entitled to a free personal or business email account with which you can send and receive email or messages from whoever has your email Yandex email address.

Yandex eMail Account Types

Yandex offers its users the joy to own either a personal account or Yandex business account on their platform depending on what the users in creating the email account for. The Yandex Business account is a paid version of Yandex email access with custom access. In that, the email address used is a hosted domain name. With access to 50 GB storage space, and anti-sperm malware, and cloud storage to save your message to access it anywhere you go.

The personal account is a free account for users for personal purposes with access to a lot of other products from Yandex like Yandex news, music, video, and Yandex App.

Yandex Web Platform – Yandex Websites

Yandex offers a lot of other products and services. Some of these products are found on different web platforms but managed by Yandex. Some of which are;

  1. Yandex Search engine –
  2. Yandex Video, Music, and Game site –
  3. Location map –
  4. ru – Yandex Russia search engine.

How to Get a Free Yandex.Mail Account

Sign up for a Yandex.Mail account with a new email address is very easy. Thus, you have plenty of cloud storage to enjoy. Here, you can send and check for your email anywhere anytime. This could be done on the web interface, Mobile device via IMAP as well as POP access.

Yandex.Mail is handled by a great company known as Yandex. They offer many products such as email services and more. Now that you can access Yandex.Mail account anytime with mobile device and more, it is time to set up a new email address with Yandex.

  • Visit Yandex.Mail on your browser.
  • Click on Create an Account. Here is the page for registration.
  • Proceed with the needed details. First, enter your last name in the Surname text box.
  • Enter a username into the “Enter a login” box. The username is what makes up the first part of the email address, after which follows suit. After this, Yandex will offer you the suggestion of username.
  • Enter a password into the provided field. Also, confirm the password by re-typing it into the provided box. Ensure you use a strong password.
  • Move next to the box for a mobile number. Enter a phone number where you can receive SMS. This is because a code will be sent to this number to confirm your account. Again, you are not under compulsion to enter a mobile number. Decline it by clicking on “I don’t have a mobile phone number”.
  • Next, Click on “Send code”
  • If you get the code, copy the code and past it into the provided file tagged “Register”.
  • Next, click on “Accept”.
  • At this point, your account is already pending to be launched.
  • Ensure you put the notification button on for easier alerts when messages drop.

More tips

Now that you have created your Yandex Mail account, you have to jump to how to sign in. There are various ways to access your Yandex.Mail account.  They include the following.

  • Firstly, Make use of the web-based interface.
  • You can set up Yandex. Mail-in iOS Mail.
  • Set up IMAP to access Yandexin an email client.
  • Finally, Access your account in email clients like Outlook with just Yandex. Mail POP3 settings.

Thus, this makes it that you don’t have an excuse on how to access your Yandex.Mail account. Because there are many ways you can do that without stress.

Yandex Email Account Creation – Free email Account

Yandex email sign-up is as easy for every internet user, so long as you have an internet-enabled phone with a browser. Here is how to create a Yandex mail account with five minutes.

  1. Firstly, Visit
  2. Tap on the signup button.
  3. Also, Fill in the signup details required.
  4. Follow the on-screen tips to finish the signup process.
  5. Finally, Sign in using the username and the password you choose.

Yandex free Email Sign up Without Phone Number

A lot of people creating email account these days are particular about privacy protection and the security of their personal details. So, people are looking for ways to create accounts and access different platforms on the internet without giving up their vital tips like a phone number. Quickly I will show you how to create a Yandex free email without using your phone number. The process is below;

  1. Open the signup page.
  2. When filling the form chose the optional input of phone number.
  3. Continue the registration.
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Yandex Email Verification – Yandex inbox

Every mail service provider has a way of verifying that the users trying to create an email account on their platform is not a robot. So, to put a check on robot email replication they introduced an email verification method. Where you enter your valid phone number with which a code will be sent to you in other to complete your sign up process.

Yandex.mailLogin – How to sign in to Yandex free email account

Accessing your account is very easy, with your account login details. Visit the site and log in this way.

  1. Firstly, Click on the login button.
  2. Enter your username.
  3. Input your password.
  4. Finally, Tap on the sign button.

Yandex App Download Free – Yandex mobile

The Yandex app download process is simple and easy for every mobile device. Both iOS and Android users.

  1. Firstly, Open your App Store.
  2. Using the search bar.
  3. Locate the Yandex app
  4. Next, Click on the download or install button.
  5. Wait for the download process to finish.
  6. Lastly, Launch the App and sign in.

Yandex.Mail: The Good and Bad

    Yandex.Mail gets you with an easy-to-use interface

Now, Yandex.Mail is a free email service. That is to say, you can sign up freely, with unlimited online message storage. There are lots of functions to be activated here, such as Message templates, reminders, and keyboard shortcuts. Thus, Yandex.Mail can be the next alternative of some users over Gmail.

Have you thought about the writing and sending feature of Yandex.Mail? Yandex. Mail-in its text formatting menu also contains templates for your e-card. Thus, you can save up composing emails as templates. Here, you can convert the write-up you composed to a variety of languages.

Imagine this: when you send out a mail, you can keep Yandex busy to work by ensuring they Offer you great responses when necessary. Thus, the time for deliveries can be scheduled for each email on Yandex.Mail. With this, you get organized programs always.

More Tips

Imagine this: Finding and organizing messages in Yandex Mail is not very easy. What do I mean? Since the search feature has limited operations and hard filters, Yandex.Mail supports the use of labels and folders for easier identification of messages.  Now the filter can be used to set up automatic tasks. For instance, you can set up automatic replies, and also with the keyboard shortcut, it turns out faster.

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Imagine this: sending Attachments and large files are supported in Yandex.Mail. That is to say that, you can attach any files with up to 22 MB and a maximum of 30 MB per email. Meanwhile, you can insert a link into a file ready for upload to the Yandex.Disk cloud service. By doing this, you gain 2GB space per file.

Microsoft Office documents or PDF files on your web browser can be used to view attachments. When you receive attachments, click on it to open. Thus, it will open in another window. Right away there, you can save to the cloud for backup of files.

Imagine this:All incoming mail is scanned for spam, phishing, and malware. That is to say, security on Yandex.Mail is great. Thus, you can block senders manually when you discover spam mails.

Here, another downside is that Yandex Mail does not offer two-factor authentication. Hence, this cannot be an alternative to in terms of full security. You can only detect suspicious activity over a detailed activity log.

The great report

  Yandex.Mail now has a lite version. The light version contains advanced feature themes, faster and compatible with slow internet connections.  To activate Lite, click on “Light versions” in the lower-left corner of your inbox.



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