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Fix AdBlock not working on Crunchyroll

How to Fix AdBlock not working on Crunchyrollwill be extensively discussed in this article. Also, we will provide you with general steps to take when you experience any issues on Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll is one of the best online streams for watching anime and manga. It is a popular entertainment site with well over 45 million users.Fix AdBlock not working on Crunchyroll

With the many titles available, users find themselves glued for hours watching the movies. Nothing spoils the experience more than the notorious Crunchyroll ads.

Have you ever experienced streaming on Crunchyroll but often time get interrupted by ads? This experience can actually be very annoying as they rudely interrupt your movie.

Due to this, many streamers prefer to apply ad blockers in order to enjoy an uninterrupted stream.

However, AdBlock may disappoint as there have been complaints from users over the issue of Adblock not working on Crunchyroll.

In a bid to proffer solutions to this issue, we will also explain what causes AdBlock not to work on the Crunchyroll issue. Let’s get right into it!

How to fix AdBlock not working on Crunchyroll

Below is a guide with 3 easy steps for fixing the AdBlock not working on the Crunchyroll issue.

  1. Update your filter lists
  2. Switch your ad blocker
  3. Edit the website script

See below for detailed explanations of these steps.

Step 1: Update your filter lists

You might be experiencing the ad block not working on the Crunchyroll issue due to an outdated ad blocker. The first troubleshooting step apply is to update your filters. Most sites with ads are designed to bypass ad blockers and display ads by all means. However, with an updated ad blocker, this may be impossible

Hence, to fix this issue, ensure you update your ad blocker to its latest version.

Step 2: Switch your ad blocker

In some cases, this issue persists even while you’ve updated your ad blocker. Here, you might need to get a new ad block program.

That is if the Ad-block isn’t working on Crunchyroll issue still surfaces, ensure to switch to another ad blocker.

The best ad blockers are ones that have plus features.

They would read nearly all website scripts and confirm where the ads have been placed.

Step 3: Edit the website script

Getting to this stage indicates that the steps above didn’t fix the issue for you. In case you have tried the above steps and Crunchyroll still shows ads, you will need to apply this third step.

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This step is technical, although, it is quite simple.

Edit the website script means locating the exact location of the ads, then blocking it.

To achieve this, follow the steps below:

  • Start the video you want to stream
  • Select the inspect element option
  • Navigate to the inspector tab
  • Find the AdBlock parameter:Here, press “Ctrl + F” and type in Ad Block. This will highlight the first instance where the ad Block element has been written.
  • Replace the script: To do this ensure you highlight the script and replace it with the edited version. Copy the code and replace the ad Block webpage script.

The new script should alter all instances of AdBlock and enables the user to watch the videos without interruption.

When this is in place, you will now have a Crunchyroll stream that’s void of interruptions and ads.  You’ll be able to enjoy your anime without the ugly experience of ads popping up on your screen.

However, note that after each of the 3 steps above, you’re expected to reload your webpage. So as to refresh the page and effect the change.

How to fix Crunchyroll when the app is not working

When your Crunchyroll app isn’t working, you can fix most of them with the steps below:

  1. Improve your internet connection

Without a stable internet, you can’t stream smoothly on any streaming platform at all. A slow or poor internet speed will cause Crunchyroll to buffer.

To fix this, increase your internet speed. Crunchyroll requires a minimum of 3Mbps to stream videos. You can also consider switching from a Wi-Fi connection to a cable connection. A cable connection is more reliable than a wireless connection.

  1. Lower video quality settings

The Crunchyroll app sets the video quality to auto initially. If your internet connection is poor, buffering and other streaming issues will occur.

If the buffering lingers you’ll receive an error message “This video is taking a while to load.” You can fix this issue by lowering the video quality.

With a low video quality, the video should load properly without buffering.

  1. Conduct a ping test

In most cases, the server could be down or could be experiencing increased traffic. Also, there could be no communication with the server. This in turn causes a gateway error while streaming on the Crunchyroll app.

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To fix this, conduct a traceroute or a ping test. A ping test will help you verify your servers’ reachability. Also, confirm that you are using the correct IP address.

  1. Fix the ‘video not working properly’ error

Several factors could cause the issue when you experience an error when starting the app. Most times you may experience this issue when using an old version of the app.

Crunchyroll released a new video player with new features. Updating your app will help you gain access to these new features. Otherwise, videos and other old features will not work correctly.


Hopefully, this article has helped you to Fix AdBlock not working on the Crunchyrollissue. In addition, this article has also provided you with general steps to take when Crunchyroll isn’t working. However, ensure to check your AdBlock status to ensure the service is not disabled for whatever reason. That is simply how to block ads on Crunchyroll.

Also, ensure to confirm your Ad-block status to ensure the service is not disabled for whatever cause. With these steps, Fix AdBlock not working on Crunchyrollis achieved. You can also leave a comment below if you have additional information on how to fix this. Thank you for staying through to the end of the article. Below are some frequently asked questions on Crunchyroll.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is there a Crunchyroll TV app?

Just search for “Crunchyroll” in the Android PlayStore on your Android device or in the App Store of any iOS device.

Is the Crunchyroll app available for PC?

Yes. Crunchyroll for Windows 10: The new Crunchyroll app for Windows 10 offers thousands of episodes of your favorite Anime straight out of Japan, on all of your Windows 10 devices (free download, subscription required)!

Is Crunchyroll a free app?

Crunchyroll is free with ads, but users can upgrade to one of three ad-free membership tiers through the premium subscription service. Crunchyroll is available across devices and platforms, including iOS, Android, Roku, PlayStation 4, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, etc.

How much is Crunchyroll per month?

A premium Crunchyroll subscription costs $7.99 per month. For $9.99, you can subscribe to VRV, Crunchyroll Editors’ Choice anime streaming service, which also gives you several other enthusiast cartoon channels (such as Boomerang, Cartoon Hangover, and NickSplat).

Why can’t I get Crunchyroll on my Samsung TV?

Crunchyroll app for more recent Windows 10 devices is a UWP app, so it also works on PCs. At the time the old Windows Phone app was released Crunchyroll still had a Samsung TV app, but then Samsung decided to move away from Android, which made the existing Samsung app redundant.

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Is Funimation the same as Crunchyroll?

Accounts for Funimation and Crunchyroll currently remain separate, but as this help page outlines, Funimation users who don’t currently have a paid Crunchyroll subscription will get a free 60-day trial of Crunchyroll Premium. This offer has been sent directly to eligible Funimation users via email.

How do I install Crunchyroll on my PC?

How to Download Crunchyroll on a PC

  • Download and install BlueStacks on your PC
  • Look for Crunchyroll in the search bar at the top right corner
  • Click to install Crunchyroll from the search results
  • Complete Google sign-in to install Crunchyroll

Is Crunchyroll a good app?

Crunchyroll is an impressive anime streaming service, because of its overwhelming catalog size and strong simulcast support. It also has exclusive original anime series and novel extras, such as an apparel and manga shop. Offline downloads and increased simultaneous streams increase the appeal, as well.

Is Crunchyroll App Safe?

Yes. All you have to do is monitor kids, just as you watch them with other activities. FamiSafe is not just about maintaining screen time but also about cracking the whereabouts of your kids and shielding children from cyberbullying.


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