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Netflix Error Code: M7111-1331-2206 – How to fix it

Netflix Error Code: M7111-1331-2206 – How to fix it:Recently, Netflix has risen to become one of the top streaming websites. You can stream TV shows, movies, documentaries, and a lot more on Netflix. However, just as with other streaming platforms, Netflix users experience some errors that hinder their streaming. One of these errors is the Netflix error code M7111-1331-2206.This error is usually encountered while using a computer browser to stream on Netflix.Netflix Error Code: M7111-1331-2206

Although this error resolves automatically, there are some exceptional cases when the error constantly appears. Never worry, we have gathered some solutions below to help fix this error.

The Netflix error code M7111-1331-2206 is usually backed by a message ‘There was an unexpected error please reload the page and try again’while streaming. Just as the message instructs, simply reloading the page can fix this error.

However, in some cases, just reloading may not completely fix the error. In such a case, you can follow the steps below to resolve this error and return to streaming your video.

Solutions to the Netflix error code: m7111-1331-2206

  • Disable the Netflix 1080p extension
  • Uninstall Chrome Extensions or add-ons
  • Try with another browser
  • Clear Cache on your browser
  • Disable your VPN
  • Contact the Netflix Support Team

Solution 1: Disable the Netflix 1080p extension

The Netflix 1080pis an extension that allows Netflix to stream at 1080p on Google Chrome. If this extension is installed on your browser, this may be the cause of the error.

Recently, a Netflix update seems to have made the app incompatible which explains why you experience the M7111-1331-2206 error code while the extension is on.

To disable the Netflix 1080p add-on from your browser, follow the steps below:

  • Open a new tab on your Chrome browser
  • Enter chrome://settings/in the search bar and press enter
  • Click on the Settings menu on the top left section
  • Select Extensions
  • Find Netflix 1080p
  • Set the blue toggle button to an off position

However, you can reinstall the Netflix 1080p extension, if the Netflix update is now updated to support it.

You may however still desire to stream Netflix at 1080p or even 4K using the Chrome browser, it is possible. Search for other extensions available on the Chrome app store that is compatible with Netflix and suits your desire.

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Solution 2: Uninstall Chrome Extensions or add-ons

Aside from the Netflix 1080p extension earlier mentioned, other installed Chrome add-ons may be the reason you encountered this error.

If you still experience the error after disabling the Netflix 1080p add-on, use the same procedure to disable other installed add-ons.

  • Open a new tab on your Chrome browser
  • Enter chrome://settings/in the search bar and press enter
  • Click on the Settings menu on the top left section
  • Click on Extensions
  • Select the add-ons one by one
  • Set the blue toggle button to an off position

Once you pinpoint the extension that causes the problem, you can decide to disable or uninstall it completely.

Solution 3: Try with another browser

You may be experiencing this error due to some issues with your browser. Here, we advise that you try using another reliable browser to stream your Video Netflix.

If this works, then you’ll have to find out what went wrong with your Chrome browser, this most times may be due to an extension problem.

It could also be that you’re running an outdated Chrome browser. Try updating your Chrome browser to its latest version via

Solution 4:  Clear Cache on your browser

While on Netflix, your browser or app is behind the scene, gathering and storing information (known as Cache). This cache most times contradict your Netflix profile and cause it to malfunction.

The Netflix error code M7111-1331-2206 is usually backed by a message ‘There was an unexpected error please reload the page and try again’while streaming. This indicates that Netflix holds the cache on your browser responsible for this error.

Also, if you’re streaming with Chrome; you’ll have to clear the stored data (cache) following these steps:

  • Open Chrome
  • Click More tools > Clear browsing data
  • Select the time range > Cookies and other site data and cached images and files
  • Click clear data.

The issue could also be due to a bookmark error. In this case, try typing the complete Netflix URL,, in your browser.

If this works, try updating your bookmark URL to the latest working URL to prevent the same issue from reoccurring. Then refresh your browser.

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Solution 5: Disable your VPN

Ensure to disable your VPN while streaming on Netflix, as Netflix detects and blocks VPN servers.

To fix this, turn off your VPN and refresh Netflix. In some cases, you’ll have to close and reopen your browser after disabling your VPN.

Solution 6: Contact the Netflix Support Team

If after applying solutions 1-5 listed above, you still encounter the Netflix error code M7111-1331-2206, then you’d have to reach out to Netflix Support Team for troubleshooting.

You’ll be able to confirm if Netflix is down in your location or other possible causes.

You can call them via:

Or start a live chat via:

You can also reach them through their social media pages, email, or call them through their toll-free number.

Hopefully, you can now fix the Netflix error code: M7111-1331-2206and return to enjoying your Video stream on Netflix.

Ways to troubleshoot if Netflix isn’t working on your streaming device

Here are methods to troubleshoot Netflix and get back to watching whatever show you are currently streaming.

Method 1: Close and restart the app

If Netflix isn’t playing videos, the first fix is to close and restart the app.

Closing the app should take out any bad data obstructing the app from running smoothly. This is a recommended step whether you need to close the app on your iPhone, on Android, or any other streaming device.

How you do this varies depending on what kind of device you have, but in most devices:

  • Select the app
  • Click and hold or long-press on it until the options pop up
  • Select force-close the app.

Try Netflix on another device

One way to narrow down the issue is to try Netflix on another device. If you are trying

to stream Netflix on your TV or Roku and it isn’t working, for example, see if you can make Netflix work using the mobile app on your phone or in a browser on your laptop.

If it works on one device but not the other, you have narrowed down the problem to that specific device.

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Check to see if the Netflix service is working

It is rare for the overall Netflix service to be offline, but if you can’t get the app to work properly, it is possible that Netflix is down. To see if the problem is with the Netflix service and not your app, you can check the Netflix status page.

Sign out and sign back into Netflix

Some Netflix problems can be easily solved by signing into Netflix again. If you are already signed into

Netflix, first sign out and then sign in again. The process is essentially the same no matter what app or device you are using. Find your account icon and select Sign Out, then sign in again.

Check your internet connection

When you see a connection error in the Netflix app or your videos play unreliably, there’s a good chance that you have a problem with your internet connection. This can either be that your Wi-Fi router needs to be rebooted or the service from your ISP is malfunctioning.

If you can open a web browser on the device you’re trying to watch Netflix, run Google’s online speed test. You can do this on your mobile phone, on a laptop or your desktop PC. If you’re trying to use Netflix on a streaming media player or a smart TV, run the speed test on another device in the same room. Ensure you’re not too far from the Wi-Fi router, or try streaming on another app on that same device.

You should have an internet speed no slower than 5 Mbps for high definition or 15 Mbps for 4K video streaming.

Update the Netflix app

It’s possible that your Netflix app is outdated, and the version you have has some bug or incompatibility with other software on your device.

Most devices update apps automatically but it’s possible your app isn’t updated recently.

Uninstall and reinstall the Netflix app

Finally, if all else fails, it might be possible to solve your problem by uninstalling the Netflix app and reinstalling it. This may eliminate any faulty software that was interfering with your ability to use the Netflix app. Remember that you’ll need to sign in again using your account credentials.

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