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Titanium TV not working ? How to fix!

We are now in an era where people can access and watch TV programs of choice anywhere, anytime. You wouldn’t have to sit in front of the TV screen; all you need is your mobile device or PC and a streaming app. Some of the leading apps are Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Titanium TV that we’ll discuss in this article.Titanium TV not working

Titanium TV is an online TV viewing application that allows you to watch TV shows and movies. In just a few steps, you can download this application and enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, and sports programs completely free.

Just like other streaming apps, many users express dissatisfaction about Titanium TV not working.

Streamers usually experience this issue due to a poor network connection or while trying to stream on an outdated app.

However, we have gathered several methods to help you fix this issue below.

How to fix Titanium TV errors

  1. Uninstall then re-install the app
  2. Check your Internet connection
  3. Clear cache
  4. Update your app
  5. Fix the ‘no data or links available’ error
  6. Activate real-Debrid in Titanium TV


  1. Uninstall then re-install the app

Titanium TV is a replica of Terrarium TV. It has the same settings and features as Terrarium TV. This may cause the installation of the Titanium TV APK to fail.

To fix this, uninstall Terrarium TV from your device and install the Titanium TV. This would help you solve the issue you encounter while installing Titanium TV.

  1. Check your Internet connection

You need a minimum speed of 5Mbps to stream videos on Titanium TV. If your speed is less than 5Mbps, buffering will occur. Buffering issue is an outcome of poor internet connection.

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Aside from poor internet connection, the following also cause buffering issues

  • Configuration errors
  • Massive traffic on your network
  • Wireless impediment

Fix this by checking your internet speed or upgrading your internet plan if the one you’re on isn’t up to 5Mbps.

Although you can fix buffering issues yourself, if it lingers, you can contact your ISP for help.

  1. Clear cache

While using a FireStick, consider clearing the cache to refresh the app and fix a buffering issue on the Titanium app.

You can also clear app data. That is you’ll have to erase all your settings and restore default settings.

To clear app data, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Applications
  • Choose Manage installed applications
  • Click on Titanium TV
  • You will see the app’s data and cache size
  • Clear the data

Once the data is cleared, you’ll be able to stream without the buffering issue.

  1. Update your app

You may be experiencing this issue because you’re using an outdated app. updating your Titanium app will help enhance your online streaming.

In a case where updating seems impossible, try uninstalling the app. Then download a new one and install it again.

  1. Fix the ‘no data or links available’ error

Titanium TV may not play if you are encountering the error ‘No Data or Links Available.

You encounter this error due to the following reasons:

  • There are no streaming links available for the TV show or movie you want to watch
  • The app has an issue that is preventing it from fetching links
  • There could be a problem at the server’s end
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To fix this issue, use a VPN and do some DNS changes to solve it permanently.

How to use a VPN to fix the ‘No Data or Links Available error’

Some content on Titanium Tv is location-based. By using a VPN service, you will be able to stream content not available in your location.

In the same vein, you can modify your Domain Name System (DNS)

  • Go to Settings
  • Click Manage Network Settings
  • Select Show Advanced Options
  • In the IP settings option, select Static
  • In the DNS1 field, choose 222.18.222
  • In the DNS2 field, choose 222.18.218
  • Select Save

After this, you’d be able to find links on Titanium TV.

  1. Activate Real-Debrid in Titanium TV

Real-Debrid is an unrestricted downloader that helps Titanium TV to operate well. Real-Debrid enables users to add video links in Titanium TV.

With these new video links, playback would be improved and will also fix buffering issues.

Follow these steps to activate Real-Debrid:

  • Register your Real-Debrid account
  • Click Settings
  • Select Login to Real-Debrid
  • Copy the code provided
  • Browse on your browser
  • Enter the code you copied earlier
  • Click Continue
  • Real-Debrid will send you an authorized message

You can now have access to more video links.

  1. Fixing Titanium subtitles error in Smart TV

Your issue with Titanium TV may be a result of a subtitles error. The subtitles may not display on your screen or load on the video.

Sometimes, the subtitles may not be consistent with the show or movie you’re watching. To fix this, you need to switch to another media player or use a Smart TV instead of a PC.

Consider these steps below to install an MX Player on your device or Fire Stick.

  • Download and install the MX Player
  • Open the Titanium app and select any TV show or movie
  • Click on the streaming link
  • Click on MX Player
  • When the player starts, click on the Menu
  • Go to Subtitle Option and select Get to subtitle online
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Now, your subtitles will be in sync with the video you’re streaming.

In a case where Titanium isn’t working on Kodi, try to switch devices and install the app.

Luckily, this article has enabled you to resolve the ‘Titanium TV not working’issue you experienced.


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