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Plex keeps buffering? Here is the real fix – 2022/23 – Rich Guide

These days you are aware of a couple of streaming services. Where you get to stream content online such as live videos, movies, shows, and many more. But have you thought of streaming your own content?  Yes! I meant to provide your own content. Interesting right? This is what you get to do with the Plex Media server.

Plex is a well-known streaming app, created by Plex, Inc. It is a media server where you get to create your own content. On Plex, you get to stream many free videos and TV shows. Set up a well-organized media library. Also, you can also view news and listen to podcasts.Plex keeps buffering

However, there are times Plex users face some errors like buffering. Not to worry! There’s a way to fix it

What causes Plex to keep buffering?

Plex buffers due to certain factors. Such as

  • Slow internet speed
  • Streaming device’s memory problems
  • Many streams running simultaneously
  • Plex media server software is out of date
  • Incompatible Plex server and a streaming device
  • Blockage of other computer security software

Solutions to Plex buffering issues

There are several steps to take to fix Plex buffering issues. These steps include:

  1. Make sure your connection is fast enough

One of the first things you have to check when you are experiencing Plex buffering is your connection. Check if your network connection speed is high. If it’s not, it could be as a result of:

  • Slow bandwidth and speeds that don’t support streaming- When bandwidth is slow. You have to increase the connection or switch to a faster one.
  • Poor signal quality when using Wi-Fi – You can enhance the signal quality or switch to a wired LAN connection. By doing so, you will increase the connection speed.
  • Speed limitations by VPN – You can increase connection speed by disabling VPN. This is because VPN hinders connection speed.
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In addition, when experiencing Plex buffering. You have to first run a speed test.

Apart from the few problems stated above. There are other issues that upset Plex video streaming. This includes network device errors, bugs, internet speed lagging, and more.

  1. Ensure that the server is working correctly

Plex software allows you to transcode your videos, turning these videos into the perfect format for streaming devices. But, this process will drain your CPU power. Hence, you will need a device that has more power than the normal CPU, to be able to carry out this process.

Besides, the CPU issues that Plex transcoding faces. It is also affected by outdated devices. Also,  obstruction by security software that’s antivirus and firewalls.

To stream your videos without experiencing any delay, make sure your streaming device is free from any issues.

  1. Ensure that the streaming device(s) is working properly

Check your streaming device if it’s suitable for the job. The whole buffering issue can be from the device. For instance, if you are working with an old PC that has an outdated operating system, you will have issues when you are streaming a video.

Besides PC, you can experience the same issues when you are using an outdated mobile device or Smart TV without enough space to support the streaming.

  1. Reduce the number of simultaneous streams

When there are several devices accessing your Plex Media server at the same time. This will lead to overload and you will experience constant buffering. Hence, you have to reduce the number person’s accessing your stream.

  1. Change the streaming quality settings

There are times the streaming quality will be too high and will lead to constant buffering. For instance, if you are streaming at 1080p quality, you are likely to face issues.

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Hence, you have to reduce the quality to the capacity of your system to stop the constant buffering.

You can do this by going to your Plex settings for streaming and choosing “auto quality”. This will automatically set up the stream quality on connection speed.

Hence, when you have a fast speed, the streaming quality will increase. Likewise, if it is slow the quality will reduce.

Besides, Plex buffering issues. There are times Plex users will experience no sound issues too. Plex audio settings can be complex and it comprises several devices. If you tamper with the settings, it could lead to no audio issue.

To fix Plex sound not working

#1. Check the volume control: First, check the volume control. The volume may be set to zero. To fix this, in the Plex Media server view you will notice the small volume slider close to the mute button. Set the volume slider to maximum.

#2. Disable audio passthrough: If you need to use passthrough for a digital connection. Be sure your receiver supports the audio formats. If not, disable it. To do this, go to your settings and disable HDMI passthrough.

#3. Change your audio settings from surrounding/5.1 to Stereo

When you have a situation where Plex has video but no sound. It could mean your Plex is not well configured. You need to change your audio settings from surrounding/5.1 to Stereo. This is because when you Direct play a video that has a 5.1 track file in it. Your device will assume there’s a surround at the other side of the cable that can play the audio. This will lead to Plex no sound errors Fire TV, Roku.


#4. Change from Automatic to Transcode

Another way to fix the Plex sound not working is to change the setting to transcode. This can help fix the problems.


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