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Sign up Snapchat with Email without Phone Number

Are you wondering if you can sign up with Snapchat by email without a phone number? Yes, you can. If you do not want to create a account using a phone number, you can alternatively create one using your email.Sign up Snapchat with Email without Phone Number

In case you are not familiar with Snapchat, let’s give you a quick run-down. Snapchat has become one of the fastest growing networking site. It plays host to over 500 million users. Daily, about 1000 plus individuals from different parts of the globe download the Snapchat app. One thing that is unique about Snapchat is its camera. The camera enables you capture destructive photos. The camera editor on the other hand, enables destroy any photo, and convert to get another look.


Apart from having a special kind of camera, Snapchat has one of the largest networking platform. Here you can meet and mingle with other users, chat quickly with your loved ones, quickly capture a photo as well as share to your group and friends. Be it as it may, to enjoy all this, you have to sign up for a Snapchat account with an email without a phone number or with a phone number whatever you decide.

How to Sign Up Snapchat with Email without Phone Number

Snapchat makes use of your mobile phone to import your contact as well as to secure your account. However, it is not mandatory that everyone has to create an account using a mobile phone. Thus, you can sign up for Snapchat without a phone number for free.

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To Sign Up:

  • Launch your browser
  • Log into or go to Google play store and download the app without a fee.
  • Search for the app on your phone and launch properly
  • Fill out your name
  • Tap open the account
  • You’ll be prompted to create an account
  • Enter your first and last name in the fields provided.
  • Fill out your date of birth and bear in mind that you must be 13 years or above before you can create a Snapchat account.
  • Type in a username and password of your choice
  • Key in your mobile phone number. If you don’t want to use a mobile phone number click on the “Skip” option.
  • Type in your email address and watch the prompt for a verification.
  • You’ll get a confirmation code sent to your email. Copy same and paste in the field provided
  • Observe the recapchat and click on the “Sign Up” option.
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Hold on for the entries to initiate and allow Snapchat to access your media, contact etc.

How to Sign up Snapchat with Phone Number

If you want to open a Snapchat account using a mobile phone number and email we are going to show you the steps to do just that. Note that if you sign up with Snapchat using a mobile phone number and email, recovering your login details anytime it’s lost or forgotten is a lot more easier.

To sign up using mobile phone number and email:

  • Launch your web browser
  • Log into to download the app
  • Download and install the app. Tap on the “Sign Up” option and type in your name.
  • Thereafter, type in a username and password of your choice.
  • Enter a mobile phone number and email address
  • Once you are done filling out your entries, confirm your mobile phone number.
  • Complete the process by clicking on the “Sign Up” link

Congratulations!! You made it. You can go right ahead and take pictures that reflect your mood and one that gives you the creativity you crave with your Snapchat camera. Get started on it now.

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