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My iPhone Screen Is Dark Due to Water Damage

Is your iPhone screen dark due to water damage? Relax, we will show you a couple of ways you can use to fix this disaster. When water penetrates the hardware and components in the phone, it causes corrosion and eventual malfunction.

Now one of the ways that this malfunction manifests, is that the water damage can make the screen look dim or dark and almost impossible to navigate.

When this happens, it is either you try fixing your iPhone on your own to avoid paying so much to repair the damage. Alternatively, you can get a replacement phone from Apple.My iPhone Screen

Apple Warranty

The Apple warranty on iPhones and iPods should be the first thing you study. This is to help you understand before you attempt fixing your water-damaged phone. When you buy an iPhone, you will automatically receive a one-year warranty. This warranty protects you against software or hardware failure that is not your fault.

However, the warranty does not protect against water damage, since it is usually something you can avoid. Your iPhone comes with a water damage indicator which is located in the headphone jack.

This enables technicians to know whether or not your iPhone has gotten wet, and whether you are eligible for your warranty terms.

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Rice Method

If your screen has become darkened or dimmed as a result of coming in contact with water, it means water has seeped into the display. It will be difficult for you to use your phone. Thus what you are to do is:

  • Simply power down your phone immediately
  • Submerge it immediately into a plastic bag or tub filled with rice.
  • The rice will help in drawing the moisture out of the phone to help improve the display and prevent further corrosion due to moisture.
  • Allow the phone to stay in the rice for up to 48 hours, depending on the water damage.

What are the common mistakes people make when their phone comes in contact with water?

Common Mistakes

One common mistake people make when their phone comes in contact with water is trying to power it up to see if they t works. Even though this is almost a reflexive action, try to avoid doing this.

This is because powering your phone up at this point can power the phone up with corrosive water in the hardware. To avoid this, the first thing you have to do when your iPhone gets wet is to power down immediately and leave it to dry up.

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With this, you won’t cause further damage to your screen by allowing the water to affect the hardware while in use.

Service & Repair

The Apple warranty does not cover water-damaged phones. However, you may be able to obtain service if your phone does not show signs of corrosion. A dimmed display, on the other hand, points to moderate to severe damage.

As such, it is likely that your warranty will be considered void. However, if the rice method does not work for you, you can still have your phone serviced. Also, it even can be replaced at a discount rate via Apple. You may probably need a screen replacement or a replacement for your entire phone, depending on the severity of the damage.

With these methods, you can salvage your water-damaged phone. Or get a new phone in its place.


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