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Learn Where to find the IMAP Settings for Your GMX Mail Account

Learn Where to find the IMAP Settings for Your GMX Mail Account

GMX Mail is an email service. Of course, it has an easy-to-use email interface and enough storage space for its users. Here, free users can access up to 50MB for attachments and a robust spam filter. In most cases, GMX Mail users access their mail via the web interface. Nevertheless, mobile device users can access GMX mail on their device through the email program, but before that, you need to IMAP server. You can activate it in the server settings where you can access GMX Mail messages and folders from another email program.IMAP Settings for Your GMX Mail

What is IMAP?

IMAP is an abbreviation for Internet Message Access Protocol. What this does is to give access to who may want to manage emails on the email server.  With this, you can set up your account as IMAP. Thus, you can do this within your email account.

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Switching to an IMAP account ill cause some changes. For instance, your email will now be receiving incoming mail directly instead of downloading it from your end device. Thus, it comes in as a list of messages in the subject line. Again, it will not load again as it uses to be.

With IMAP, you can set up folders yourself, and move your messages. But, the main idea is to access your GMX Mail in another email program.

 Settings for GMX Mail IMAP

This means you don’t have to use’s webmail interface! GMX Mail supports the use of IMAP and SMTP to access your GMX mail on another email program.

This is what you need to know. A couple of questions below bear an example of responses you will give when required.  Thus, this will be done in your mail app in order to view the email in your GMX account.

  • GMX Mail IMAP server address =
  • GMX Mail IMAP user name: Your full GMX Mail email address
  • Next, GMX Mail IMAP password: Your GMX Mail password
  • GMX Mail IMAP port: 993(alternative: 143)
  • GMX Mail IMAP TLS/SSL required: “yes”if you used port 993, “no if usedport 143

SMTP Settings for GMX Mail

  • Firstly, GMX Mail SMTP server address =
  • GMX Mail SMTP user name = Your full GMX Mail email address(
  • GMX Mail SMTP password = Your GMX Mail password
  • Finally, GMX Mail SMTPport = 587
  • GMX Mail SMTP TLS/SSL required = no

Note:GMX offers its mail app for both iOS and Android mobile devices. You can simply download them and log in with your details such as username and password. This is quite very easier to use for reading and replying to emails.


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