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Kodi apps not working! – Common problems and fixes

The Kodi app allows users to play and view most streaming media, such as videos, music, podcasts, and videos from the Internet. You’ll also be able to stream all common digital media files from local and network storage media via Kodi.Kodi App

Unlike other streaming apps, Kodi works on almost any device; Smartphones, Fire Sticks, Smart TVs, Laptops, etc. it is user-friendly, just install the app and some extensions to your streaming device and that’s all.

Unfortunately, there’s no technology without hitch. Kodi users have complained of some issues they encounter when trying to stream on Kodi. They complain about Kodi apps not working, slow speed, video players freezing or crashing, streaming issues, etc.

However, there is always a fix here with us. Below, we’ve gathered a number of issues you may encounter on Kodi and more importantly their solutions.

Kodi apps issues and solutions

Here are some of the most common problems on Kodi and their fixes.

  1. Kodi apps keep crashing or freezing

This is probably one of the most common issues encountered when streaming on Kodi. Your Kodi app will freeze or crash if it’s outdated, unstable, or has a bug issue.

In fixing this issue, try uninstalling the Kodi app from your streaming device. After this, download the app (latest version) again and reinstall it. Then try accessing the app again, by now, there should be no freezing and crashing issues.

  1. Kodi apps won’t load

This is also a common issue with Kodi users. This issue occurs when you made an update on the app or installed an add-on.

One of the ways to clear this issue is to clear the cache on your streaming device. Follow the steps below to clear the cache from your device:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Apps
  • Click on downloaded apps
  • Select Kodi
  • Click on“Clear cache” or “Clear data”

Another way to fix Kodi apps not loading is to uninstall the app and download and re-install it.

  1. Kodi apps won’t stream

Sometimes, Kodi users experience the Kodi app won’t stream issues when using the app to watch a video online.

These errors include constant buffering, no stream available, slow stream speed, the video not streaming at all, or errors on some of all add-ons.

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These errors may be a result of bugs, problems with the add-on, an unstable app, a poor internet connection, etc.

There are several solutions to this issue, see them below:

  1. Check your internet connection: ensure your internet is active ad sufficient enough to stream a video.
  2. Uninstall add-on: you may be experiencing the Kodi apps won’t stream as a result of a contradicting add-on. Try deleting some add-ons that are not in use or all of them where necessary to resolve the issue.
  3. Uninstall the Kodi app: your Kodi app may be unstable or old version and may not support the video you’re trying to stream, hence the issue. To fix this, uninstall the Kodi app, go to the Kodi downloads page and download the latest version of the app and re-install it.
  4. Clear cache from your device:while streaming, your app is behind the scene storing data that end up occupying space on your device. Your video may not stream or buffer due to insufficient space. Cache files also introduce bugs in your Kodi app.

Hence clearing cache data from your device will help fix this issue in no time and you’d be able to return to enjoying your video in no time.

  1. Kodi apps won’t update

In some cases, your issue with the Kodi app may be that you are unable to run updates on the app. This occurs when Kodi is trying to update the add-ons but it is finding it impossible.

The most common causes of the update error are add-on incompatibility, corrupted repository, and corrupted/unstable Kodi app.

To resolve this issue, confirm the app responsible for the update error from the error log message. Then, search for it on Google if it is active, if yes, delete it. That is, there would be no more updates. However, your add-on will keep working well without it.

If the repository changes, you can add the new URL by editing the resource file, which will fix the update issue.

When trying to locate the corrupted repository, you might also find that it is still active and the URL has not changed, that is, the update error lies somewhere else.

In this case, you can resolve the issue by following these steps below:

  • Update the add-on manually by installing the downloaded (zip) file in the repository
  • Delete the repository and switch with another one
  • Delete the database file for the update that is not updating.
  • Uninstall the affected update and re-install it afresh, or install an alternative add-on
  • Uninstall your Kodi app, download the latest version and re-install it.
  1. Kodi add-ons not working

Another issue you might encounter while trying to use Kodi to stream entertainment content is the Kodi add-on issue. The most common issues include:

  • Kodi TV apps not working
  • All Kodi add-ons not working
  • The Kodi sports app not working
  • Kodi add-ons not deleting
  • The Kodi movies app not working
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To fix the Kodi add-on not working issue, apply the solutions listed below.

  1. Clear add-on cache

Your add-ons won’t work if your add-on cache is corrupted. Clearing the add-on cache will erase the corrupted files and also make your add-on work well again.

  1. Remove repositories

Just as earlier mentioned, you may encounter this issue due to an unstable or corrupt repository. Ensure to remove the affected repositories and switch to alternative, reliable ones.

  1. Delete the add-ons

In a case where a particular add-on is malfunctioning, delete it and reinstall it. In another case, you may have to delete it completely and install an alternative one that can stream the video.

With all the streaming possibilities Kodi possesses, if the Kodi app isn’t working, then it is useless.

Hopefully, these solutions above will help you fix possible issues on Kodi if you are using a legal add-on.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  1. How do I set up a download on Kodi?

To download movies on Kodi, follow the steps below:

  • Download Kodi.
  • Install an add-on that allows Kodi downloads. For example, B&W Movies
  • Search for a movie in the add-on.
  • Right-click on the movie.
  • Select Download
  1. How do I enable download on Kodi?

Go to the add-on settings, you’ll see multiple tabs on the left side. Scroll down and highlight the Download tab. Then hit the toggle from the right side to click on the Enable downloads option.

  1. What can you watch on Kodi?

Kodi puts you in control, meaning you can install pre-included and third-party applications that offer a variety of streaming sources and content.

You can watch just about anything you want. However, bear in mind the legalities of watching such content, as well as how you obtain them. If you have paid subscriptions to select providers, an app that lets you watch content from that provider may be legal.

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It just depends on the terms and conditions of the subscription source, such as YouTube, Netflix, and CBS All Access to name a few.

  1. What is compatible with Kodi?

Kodi is available on almost every device. You can easily download the Kodi app and it is compatible with Linux, Windows, etc.

While on iOS, the process is slightly more complicated because the Kodi app doesn’t exist in the App Store. iPhone users will need to ensure their phone is jailbroken before downloading Kodi or using Cydia Impactor. This downloadable macOS app allows iOS users to install third-party (non-App Store) apps. However, bear in mind the legalities of using such applications on an Apple device.

  1. Can I replace my TV service with Kodi?

Kodi does not provide any content, s you can’t replace TV service with Kodi. Kodi cannot replace your cable service by itself. But, Kodi can house your entire favorite streaming services in one simple app for use on almost all platforms.

With Kodi, you can find your favorite shows and movies more easily than having to sift through several programming options.


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