Samsung TV Problems – No Sound – Do I Unplug It?

Are you experiencing problems with your Samsung TV which you don’t know how to fix? Here’s what we have to tell you.Samsung TV Problems – No Sound – Do I Unplug It?

Sometimes a problem occurs that causes the sound on your Samsung TV to malfunction. When this happens, temporarily unplugging your TV may resolve a problem resulting from an unexplained glitch. However, if the problem lingers, you have to troubleshoot. This is to determine the cause before you can restore your Samsung TV’s functionality. Potential problems include incorrect speaker selection, problematic cable connections, and trouble with external equipment. You can make use of the Sound Test feature available in most Samsung models to test your TV’s functionality. This enables you to rule out hardware failure.

Sound Test – Samsung TV Problems – No Sound – Do I Unplug It?

Most Samsung TVs feature a series of tests used in diagnosing potential problems. Now the Sound Test is typically accessed by holding the “Menu” on the TV remote and then choosing “Support” “Self Diagnosis” and “Sound Test”. Now this test plays a melody sound via the TV’s speakers. This enables you to determine if the problem is with your TV hardware. In a situation where you can’t hear the melody played during the test. Then your TV most likely has experienced some kind of hardware failure. If it happens that you can hear the test melody, then you have to keep troubleshooting. This is to determine the cause of the audio problem with your Samsung TV.

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Speaker Selection – Samsung TV Problems – No Sound – Do I Unplug It?

When images are displayed properly on your screen but have no audio plays, the Speaker Select setting may not be accurate. The Speaker Select setting enables you to choose between using an external device or your Samsung TV’s internal speakers for audio output. In order to view or modify this setting for most Samsung TV models:

  • Press the “Menu” button on your TV’s remote control.
  • Then select the “Sound” menu option
  • Choose “TV Speaker”
  • Then set the TV Speaker option to “On”.


The cables which are used in forming the connections between your Samsung TV and other input and output sources include the following. Cable boxes, receivers, and speakers. You are to allow the devices to communicate with one another. Note that, using an incorrect cable may cause a problematic connection. This may result in diminished audio and video quality. The cables required to form these connections differ. As such, you have to refer to your equipment user’s guide for device-specific requirements updates.

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External Hardware

If there’s a problem with the hardware connected to your Samsung TV, it may result in audio failure. Let’s take this situation for example. If you happen to connect external speakers to your TV and those speakers malfunction, you may not hear any sound. Removing the speakers and if necessary, modifying the speaker source setting on your TV will help in confirming this diagnosis. It will also restore the audio functionality. You can always refer to the owner’s manual of each connected piece of equipment for additional device-specific troubleshooting details.

Hardware Failure

Understand that when troubleshooting determines that your Samsung TV has experienced a hardware failure. You have to decide between repairing and replacing your TV. If you want to have your TV serviced, then the original factory warranty or an extended warranty purchased along with the TV may cover the costs linked with the repair. You can refer to the information included in the warranty for details on how to have your Samsung TV serviced. Additionally, you may be able to return your Samsung TV to the store for a refund or replacement, based on the original purchase date.

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