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Plex error: Not enough bandwidth for playback – How to fix it

Plex error: Not enough bandwidth for playback – How to fix it:Plex is a one-stop destination to stream movies, TV shows, sports & music. You might have encountered the error “Playback was not possible. Not enough bandwidth for playbackwhile streaming. The error occurs on most devices including Xbox One, iOS, and Windows apps.

In most cases, this error may occur when you’re sharing your streams with users far away from where you are.  It could also be that you’re streaming a video that is above your upload and download speed.Plex error: Not enough bandwidth for playback

You could also experience this error while streaming, even if you don’t have an upload limit on your LAN network.

Once this error occurs, loading videos on the Plex app becomes hopeless. You can’t load video content of 720p and above with insufficient bandwidth, even if you’re using 100mbps internet speed.

Below, we have gathered some solutions to help fix the Plex error: Not enough bandwidth for playback.

Fix: Not enough bandwidth for Playback on Plex

  1. Restart the playback
  2. Restart the server
  3. Replace the media file
  4. Restart your router
  5. Remove the internet bandwidth limit

Below is a detailed expiration of each of these fixes listed above:

Fix #1: Restart the playback

Once you experience the Plex error: Not enough bandwidth for playback, one fix that comes to mind is to restart the playback.

Restarting helps to clear the cache and unused memory and starts the playback from scratch. The Plex player will have better performance and solve issues like RAM leakage and code smell when you restart.

Fix #2: Restart the server

To fix the Plex playback error, you need to restart the service. Security issues can occur if you have not installed updates on the server.

Also, Plex developers release fixes from time to time. If you do not apply these fixes to the server, you will experience several errors when streaming content.


Restarting can also protect your server from downtime and outages.

Fix #3: Replace the media file

You may be experiencing this error due to files you imported from other sources. These files may have been corrupted or have technical problems that are causing the error.

You may also be using a temporary file as a placeholder so that you can have the original files you intended to view.

The files could be for Plex channels or video games you loaded on your device. It could also be that you have a 720p video fished from a TV, and you want to view a 1080p video from Blu-ray rip.

Replacing the media file you earlier imported is a way to fix this error. The steps below will show you how:

  • Add your new file and name it based on Plex guidelines. This is to ensure it matches with the content on your Plex library.
  • Scan your library files so that Plex identifies the new file.
  • Confirm that the new file is added with a “2” on the poster.
  • Delete the other media file.
  • Refresh library files again to effect the changes.
  • Empty your library trash.

If you do not delete the previous file, Plex will not know the one to play as they are in one place. Therefore, you must delete the previous file and refresh your library o effect the changes.

Fix #4: Restart your router

You’ll experience this error if your internet speed is lagging.  Restarting your router is a way to fix this bandwidth issue.

Some user stream videos all day long, and this may cause your router to freeze or hang, hence the slow connectivity.

In such case, restarting your router helps to clear stored memory, and enhances its speed.

This error is also possible when your router is overcrowded, that is, several devices are connected to the same router and are requesting IP addresses.

To fix this, disconnect some devices attached to your router and restart your router.

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Fix #5: Remove the internet bandwidth limit

Most users activate bandwidth limits to regulate network crowding and prevent Plex Media Server from crashing.

However, allowing internet bandwidth limits can be a problem too, as it can hinder you from streaming large, quality videos.

Insufficient bandwidth can be the reason you experience the ‘Not enough bandwidth for Playback on Plex’ when you stream videos.

To fix this error remove the internet bandwidth limit. The steps below will help you remove the bandwidth limit.

  • Go to Plex web interface settings
  • Select Server
  • Choose Remote Access
  • Then Internet Upload Speed
  • Remove the value shown.

When this is done, try streaming your videos again to confirm that the bandwidth limit is no longer there.

Fix #6: Contact your ISP

in some cases, your Internet Service Providers may be responsible for the bandwidth limit in your experience. They do this to control internet traffic and overcrowding. Your ISP can also place a limit on your bandwidth if you have used up your allocated data or bandwidth.

To fix this, you’ll have to call your ISP to remove the limit or you can stream with your VPN privately, keeping your data secret.

However, you can also put check the number of your online streaming.

Fix #7: Contact Plex Customer Care

If the above solution didn’t fix the ‘Plex error: Not enough bandwidth for playback’ for you, ensure to reach out to Plex Customer Care for troubleshooting. They’ll not only tell you the cause of the error but also prescribe a solution to it.

Certainly, our proffered solutions should help you fix the Plex error: Not enough bandwidth for playback.You’d be able to return to enjoying your streaming in no time.

Some best Plex channels that work in 2022/23

  1. BringThePopcorn
  2. CBC
  3. CBS
  4. Disney Junior Channel
  5. Nickelodeon
  6. Nick Jr
  7. Pandora
  8. Fmovies Plus
  9. Comedy Central
  10. Vimeo
  11. Dailymotion
  12. Fox News
  13. cCloud TV
  14. SS-Plex
  15. NFL Network
  16. BitTorrent

15 Best Plex plugins to install in 2022

  1. Kitana
  2. IPTV
  3. Ombi
  4. PlexTools
  5. Speedtest
  6. FindMissing
  7. Transmogrify
  8. YouTubeTV
  9. ExportTools
  10. Tautulli
  11. TwitchMod
  12. Trakt TV
  13. Sub-Zero
  14. TheaterTrailers
  15. Reddit Videos

How to add channels to Plex

Things needed:

To add live channels to Plex, you require a few items. These include:

  • Plex Media Server
  • A DVR tuner
  • An Antenna
  • A Plex Pass

When all these are in place, follow these steps below to add channels to Plex:

  1. Download Plex Media Server
  2. Install the Plex Media Server you downloaded
  3. Sign up for Plex Pass Subscription
  4. Install the DVR tuner and Antenna
  5. Launch the Plex app
  6. Try watching Live TV
  7. Add more channels to your Plex account

Below are the steps to add more channels to your plex account:

  • Log into your Plex account
  • Click on the Channelssection
  • Click on the Install Channelsbutton to bring up the channels directory from the channels screen.
  • Search the directoryfor all available channels
  • Click on the channel of your choice. A dialogue button will appear for the channel.
  • Select the install button to add the channel to your account and start streaming its content


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