How to Type an Underscore

Are you are always using your computer to type frequently? Chances are you’ll type something that requires you to insert an underscore symbol. So the question is, do you know how to type an underscore in your computer or phone? Typing an underscore is an important skill that you may need to use for a wide range of situations. However, the good news is, How to Type an Underscore

Underscores are most often used in URLs and email addresses but comes up rarely in ordinary text. There are different ways you can type an underscore be it on a keyboard, cellphone and other devices. You also have the option of underlining text in emails and word processing software.

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What exactly is an underscore?

An underscore is the symbol represented by “_”. It looks like a long hyphen positioned at the bottom of the line. If you dealing with other contexts, you may not encounter the symbol. But if you are dealing with computer code and email addresses, you will frequently encounter it. Even though you can underline text, it is quite different from using an underscore as a character on its own.

Typing an Underscore

Typing an underscore is easy on both Mac and Windows computers. The underscore symbol, shares a key with the hyphen symbol and can be found to the right of the “O” key on the row above the letters. If you are using a Windows or Mac computer, click on “Shift” and the “hyphen” key in order to type an underscore.

Using Alt Codes for Underscores

There’s also the option of using an Alt code in typing an underscore. To do this:

  • Use a keyboard that has a number keypad with “Number Lock” activated.
  • Press down the “Alt” key
  • Then type “95” on the number pad for the underscore.
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Underscore on iOS and Android Devices

If you are using an iPhone, iPad or Android smart phones, you can easily type the underscore symbol. However it is not as easy as typing it on a computer keyboard.

For Android:

  • Bring up the keyboard
  • Press the “?123” key
  • This will take you to the symbols page
  • Click on the “underscore” key to type the symbol.
  • This is located on the first page of symbols.
  • Click on the “ABC” button to return back to the ordinary keyboard.

For iPhones

  • Click on the “123” key
  • Follow it up by clicking on the “#+=” key after bringing up the keyboard.
  • For iPads, the key is labeled as “?123” and also followed by the “#+=” key.
  • Then click on the “underscore” key in order to type the symbol.
  • Click on “ABC” to return to the normal keyboard.
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Underlining Text

To underline a word in an email, understand that you don’t use the underscore. This is because, most email services and word processing programs have a specific button for underlining text, which is a “U” with a line below it. You are to click this button and then type the word or highlight the text you want to have underlined. Then click the “U” with the line under it. You can also achieve this by holding down “Ctrl” and pressing “U”.