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What Is Better – TFT or LCD?

Not really certain about which is better, whether TFT or LCD? Don’t worry, we are going to explain it in a way that will help you make a decision. Let’s start with the basics.What Is Better – TFT or LCD?

What is TFT? – TFT is an acronym for “thin-film transistor”, while LCD stands for “liquid crystal display”. Both terms stand for the flat-panel display, or screen, of a computer monitor or television set.

So what are the basic differences between TFT or LCD? Let’s look at the differences to know how these two works.


While LCD is a generic term, a TFT display on the other hand is one kind of LCD.

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What are the Differences?

TFT displays are made using large sheets of transistors. Each one is controlled independently. A TFT screen is an “active-matrix” screen that has each pixel of the display individually illuminated.

Sharpness and Speed

When it comes to sharpness, a TFT display is way sharper and brighter than a common LCD display. It refreshes more quickly than would a regular LCD display and shows motion more smoothly.

Power Usage

TFT displays use more electricity than regular LCD screens. As such, they not only cost more in the first place, but they are also more expensive to operate.

So we can conclude that a TFT display is much of a higher quality than a regular LCD display. Thus in whatever way you look at it, it is a better display in every way, only that it is more expensive.

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I hope now you have been able to spot the differences and how each of these works. If you have been in doubt before now about both terms, now you know better. You also know what to expect wherever you come across any of these terms.




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