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How to Type the Congruent Symbol

Learn how to type the congruent symbol so you can use it to express angles, shapes, and line segments when next you need to. Congruence in mathematics means being equal in shape and size. It is used in describing angles, shapes, and line segments. The Congruent symbol is an equals sign with a tilde over the top of it. Once you can define congruence, you can easily use the symbol correctly in principle.How to Type the Congruent Symbol

Be it as it may, in practice, you may encounter some issues while trying to produce the symbol in word processing programs or online. However, the good news is that you can use several different methods in producing the congruent sign in word processing programs and in another environment like LaTex or KaTex which are easy to learn.

Copying and Pasting

One of the easiest ways of using the congruent symbol is to copy it from another source that uses the symbol and have it pasted where you need it.

  • Simply highlight the symbol
  • Click on CTRL and C at the same time to copy it
  • Scroll to where you want to use the symbol and press CTRL and V at the same time to paste it.
  • This method requires less effort and works in almost any program or environment.. However other methods are more efficient when you don’t have a pre-existing example of a congruent symbol.
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Microsoft Word or Google Docs

Microsoft Word versions have a built-in symbols feature which makes it easy to type the congruent symbol.

  • All you have to do is simply select the insert tab.
  • Click on the drop-down arrow which is underneath “Symbol”
  • Click on “More Symbols” to prompt the Symbol dialogue box.
  • Use the drop-down menu which is beside Subset and select Mathematical Operators.
  • Then scan the grid of symbols for the congruent symbol and highlight it with a left-click of your mouse.
  • Tap Insert to place it into your document at the cursor position.
  • You are at liberty to copy and cut the symbol and have it moved to another location if your cursor is not in the right location when you bring up the window.

For Office 365 Word the process is even more straightforward:

  • Simply select Insert in the ribbon and choose Equation.
  • Choose the congruent symbol from the symbol grid on the ribbon to paste it into the document.

With Google Docs:

  • Tap Insert at the top of the screen and choose Special characters from the drop-down menu.
  • Type approximately equal to in the search field of the window which appears.
  • Click on the congruent symbol in the search results to paste it into the document.
  • Note that for both Google Docs and Microsoft Word, the symbol is called “approximately equal to”.
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Congruent Sign Alt Code

Another option open to you is using the Alt codes to produce symbols on most word processing programs and email programs. You can make use of these as long as you have a keyboard with a number pad section. But you have to ensure that Num Lock is on before you attempt this method. Simply turn it on by pressing the Num Lock key so that the light activates.

To produce the congruent symbol:

  • Hold down the Alt key while typing in code 8773.
  • Even though remembering the specific code may not be an ideal solution, it is often much easier to use the Alt Code method than to navigate to the symbol using the method in the previous section.
  • This method also works across multiple platforms, which is useful if you are to type it in more than once.

In LaTex or KaTex

For displaying math, the LaTex language is excellent. There is a simple way to type the congruent symbol in LaTex and KaTex.

  • Simply type \cong into the LaTex or KaTex field to render the congruent sign.
  • Alternatively, you create the sign for not congruent using \ncong in LaTex or KaTex.
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