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I can delete my Quora account without a password, ask me how?

Yes, keep reading to get all it takes on this page. But are you a Quora Account user?  Do you have reasons to delete your Quora account? Reasons like “I forgot my Password Login” may be relevant to our post today. Quora as a social platform may not be convenient for all users.Delete Quora Account

So, if you are on this list, no big deal about it. All that is required of you is to keep reading to find out needful guidelines. Nevertheless, it will be best if you know that certain details are required for the concerned readers.

Get to know more

Keep abreast with your personal details. Quora will not ask you for abstract information outside your registration file. However, Quora has more than 5 million users and deems users’ rights.

It might interest you to know that Quora has all it takes to uphold customers’ services.

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Similarly, may not oppose users’ choice to opt-out, and so, has merged up a deactivation means. Do you still really want to opt-out of your Quora account? Of course we are on the go.

Requirement for Deleting a Quora Account

If you must delete your Quora account, you must have first owned one. Also know that you may delete your Quora account using your password login. This is needed to access your account first. Yet we can help bail a cat if you have forgotten these credentials.

Delete your Quora Account with your Login

Observe the following Guidelines:

  • login to your web browser.
  • Select “Setting” on the profile,
  • Observe your drop-down menu and tap n “Privacy”,
  • Choose the “Delete” option to complete the process,
  • Insert your Password (for the account to be deleted).

Do you have reasons for deleting account? State your reasons to enable process finish.

The essence of this post is to proffer solutions to all those who have forgotten their Quora password. Are you among the group? Then let’s help you out.

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Delete your Quora Account without Login

  • Visit
  • Login with the password on your mind
  • With invalid password, click “Forgotten Password”
  • Follow password resetting procedures
  • Login with your newly created password
  • Go to the profile icon and tap on “Setting”
  • Hit on the “Privacy” button to get account deleted.

Ensure to follow after procedures to finish processes.

How to Recover a Deleted Quora Account

Do you have reasons to recover your lost account? Know that Quora still have values for all users. With Quora, it is possible. You can create a new account with your previous password.

This will bring you back to your old fun and friends. With Quora, you can achieve this within 14 days after deleting previous account. It may not be eligible if it exceeds. Thence, you may want to open a new account.


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