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Zoho Mail Free Email Service: Pros and Cons

Anything can have advantages and disadvantages. We will unveil the pros and cons of Zoho mail right on this page. Do well to read get the best out of it.

Zoho is an email service that targets professionals. Yet it offers free accounts with ample storage. Zoho free mail offers Pop and IMAP access. You can achieve the following using Zoho free mail.Zoho Mail

  • an organized email,
  • identify key messages and contacts and,
  • Sending standard replies.

What you should know about Zoho Mail (pros)

Zoho mail has suitable online apps with a lot of pros. you should be able to find out without using it because we will detail you.

  • Firstly, Zoho is a free email service.
  • It offers 5GB storage space for personal use.
  • You can retrieve mail on the POP account with your Zoho account as well as, send it from its web interface using all your addresses and vice versa.
  • Business hosting plans will allow you to choose a domain name of your choice.
  • You can easily organize and label your mail.
  • It filters spam files to junk.
  • You can save email text for further re-use with the help of Templates.
  • Zoho automatically archives old mail.
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Major features of Zoho: Ample storage space, POP, and IMAP Access

Zoho offers you ample storage space of about 5GB for personal accounts. Hence, you can expand to a full terabyte and set up other accounts inside Zoho to send and receive mail.

POP and IMAP can be accessed in Zoho. This could be listed among your favorite email program on your desktop or in your palm.

Filters and search features

With the filter feature, you can delete and as well as file mail based on their criteria and as well as, assign labels. You will notice the labels with different colors, also known as Tags. Zoho search bar helps you navigate through organized files and retrieve mail. Thus, it will be able to save search criteria as folders.

The templates feature allows you to compose new messages and replies as well. Also, you can handle multiple email signatures. Zoho Chat allows you to send as many instant messages.

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Zoho is designed with keyboard shortcuts. No doubt, you will not be able to differentiate the application and the web interface. They both support a wide-screen view.

Zoho Mail Cons

You may wonder why I have to talk about cons without the Pros. this is because, all over the article, we have made mention of the pros a lot and you can picture many from there. Check out the section of what you should know for Pros.

  • It shares a subscription of a user with up to 5-10 groups.
  • The appointment is marked as closed automatically as soon as the time comes.
  • It does not permit individual email tracking.
  • The live chat option is lacking behind.
  • Reminders’ options need to be improved.
  • Scheduling a call takes a lot of processes.


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