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The best means of messaging these days have turned to be email addresses. Most especially when you talk about professional means of passing information across. With Gmail sign-up for free, you can access millions of received emails from business partners, clients, friends, and family.

The email came to replace the traditional Mail system that was used to. We talk about email,


Gmail Sign up is an electronic messaging platform founded by Google.

So far, it’s the leading email service provider followed by yahoo mail. Though as of years back Yahoo mail was the leading messaging platform until Google mail took over the market.

About Gmail Register Sign up Free

Registering for a Gmail account is not only important but compulsory for every smartphone that uses Android OS. Google made it in such a way that every smart device that uses Android OS shares a common means of App access through the Google play store. Funny enough, without a Google account or Gmail, one can’t access Google Play Store for App download.

More so, with a Gmail account, you will have access to almost all Google’s products such as google drive, Hangout, Google Photos, YouTube, and the rest. This post simply guides you on how to do Gmail Register Sign up free but before then let’s talk about Gmail Account types.

Gmail Account –

Gmail account is in two packages, the business and personal account. As the name implies, the personal account is for personal purposes. It’s basically for sending and receiving emails or messages from friends and family in a more simple and easy-to-use form.

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While the business account comes customized with the business name and a hosted business domain name. Just so you know, the business account is also a free Gmail account type but with prime and premium access to more advanced features and customization.

Gmail Sign up for Free – How to Register for a new Gmail Account

Signing up for a new account is very easy and simple. With the following information; name, Gmail address, phone number, gender, age, marital status, state, country, etc. head over to and click on the signup button.

  1. Firstly, Fill in the information above.
  2. Make sure you enter a valid phone number.
  3. Carry on the phone number verification.
  4. Hence your account is verified, your new Gmail account is created.
  5. Sign in and start sending and receiving mail.

Gmail login account – Gmail sign in

Access can only be granted to email users that have created their accounts and have the email username and password. If you have set up a Gmail account and want to login into your Gmail email account, these steps below will guide you. It is a complete guide on how to login to your Gmail email account with ease. Gmail sign-in is simple. To get this done;

  1. Firstly, with your web browser visit
  2. Click the sign-in option and click Continue,
  3. Enter your password on the space provided and click Sign in.
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If your entered login details are correct, you will be logged into your Gmail Inbox without any challenge.

Gmail App Download

The download process of Gmail to your phone is easy and simple. Though for Android users, the Gmail App comes as a pre-installed app with the OS. With that,  there won’t be a need to go downloading the App. But if you are an iOS user you will need to download the App. This will enable you to access your mail directly from the App or even at your notification bar.

No wonder Gmail is ranked amongst the best email providers. 1  Electronic mail (email or e-mail) is a method of exchanging messages (“mail”) between people using electronic devices. 2

Gmail App Download iOS Users

The downloading process to follow is easy and simple. With your data turned on, open your Apple App store.

  • Firstly, With your search bar.
  • Key in Gmail.
  • On the displayed result, tap on the Gmail App.
  • Also, Click on the install button.
  • Wait for the installation process to complete.
  • Finally, Open the App and sign in.
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Gmail Go

I’m sure most of you have used Gmail before; therefore we will talk about something new. And that Is the Gmail go app. This app is just like Gmail but lighter and fast than the main app. Furthermore, it has some features that the Gmail app also possesses.  In addition, it is an alternative for phones that can’t run Gmail.

Features of Gmail Go

  • Smart inbox- this feature sorts messages in order of priority. For example, you will receive family mails before business mails. So, because of that, you don’t have to start looking for your emails due to a lack of organization.
  • Less spam- In short, you don’t have to worry much about your account safety. Gmail go Blocks spam before it gets to your inbox. As a result that your account remains safe to use and free from attack.
  • 15GB of free storage- In sum, you don’t have to be concerned about which message to delete. Gmail go makes provision by giving 15 GB storage.
  • Multiple account support- You can set up other email addresses. To clarify, you can set up, Yahoo Mail, or other IMAP/POP email.

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