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March 2022

The History of Car Phones

The history of car phones dates back to the 1970s when mobile phones were attached inside automobiles. The car phone concept gained popularity in the 1970s through the 1990s. This was before a majority of the country had personal cell phones. According to history, the first car phone was invented by a retired telecommunications executive who was looking for a fun retirement project. Lars Magnus Ericsson, the founder of Ericsson telephone and radio company. In 1910, Lars teamed up with his wife Hilda to build a rather unwisely-yet-functional phone on the go.The History of Car PhonesRead More »The History of Car Phones

How Do I Manually Configure My Arris Cable Modem?

Do you know that as an Arris modem user, you can manually configure your Arris modem? Once you are able to do this, it will make it more secure and accessible to your internet-capable devices. Arris is a brand of modems and modem/router devices. It is designed to be used by Comcast Xfinity for its cable internet services. Xfinity subscribers who rent their modem from Comcast may likely be using an Arris modem.How Do I Manually Configure My Arris Cable Modem?Read More »How Do I Manually Configure My Arris Cable Modem?