Gmail Contacts – How to Find Contacts in the New Gmail

Google over years has rolled up different digital products that cater to the online need of its users and that has kept Google at the forefront of the internet age where everything is done online and data is everything. Prior to the release of the new Gmail last week the Gmail contact features disappeared from the google App list.Gmail Contacts

The newly rolled-out Gmail changed from normal Gmail to Classic Gmail with rearrangements to App list and settings. How to find contacts in the New Gmail is what this post shares with you. Keep reading.

Yes, no doubt, when Google rolls out a new version of their Apps or products, you will be rest assured that it makes things easier than before, however, things become easier when you know how it’s done. The New Classic Gmail in reality made locating the contact and task features easier, but since it’s newly introduced people hardly find their contact and task anymore.

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The new Gmail Apps interface replaced the position of the contacts with a tasks panel at the right side of the Gmail login, the question now is how can one locate the contact App or feature when logged into Gmail or the new classic Gmail?

Here is how to create a Quick link that adds the contact features to that you can easily locate it;

Reveal Contacts in the New Classic Gmail

  1. When you are signed in to your Gmail account using your browser. (Google Chrome).
  2. Tap on the App Drawer at the top right of your sign-in page near your Google profile.
  3. the icon lowers down the list of Google Apps, if the contact features aren’t in the list, tap the “MORE” button.
  4. The remaining List of google Apps appears contact should be one of them.
  5. Click on the contact icon and drag it to wherever you want.
  6. That makes accessing the contact App easier, whenever you click on the App drawer.
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Note that the above process opens the contact feature on a different page, which to many isn’t a good role. However, you can easily bookmark the contact feature, and easily accessible with a click of a button.

Bookmark Google Contact Feature

Here is how to go about bookmarking the google contact features for easy access;

  • Open your browser.
  • On the address bar, key in the web page of the contact feature at
  • When the page opens up, tap on the bookmark icon (a star-like icon at the end right side of the address bar) to bookmark the page.