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Delete Gmail Account – How to Delete Gmail Account on iPhone

To delete Gmail account, you should log in to your account first. If you have forgotten your password, do well to click on the Forgot password button. Then follow the on-screen instructions to recover your account back. Delete Gmail Account

Your Google account can be used to sign up for most of Google’s products? But when you delete your Gmail account, it affects just your Gmail not other products like YouTube, Google account, and other products.

Delete Gmail Account – How to Delete Your Gmail Account

Here, we have steps to apply as regards to desktop Users

  • Now visit
  • Click on Data & Personalization
  • On the next page, navigate to Download, delete, or make a plan for your data.
  • Next, click on Delete a service or your account. Assuming you want to delete your whole Google account, click on Delete Google Account and Data.
  • Click on “Delete a service” on the next window.
  • Now select the service you would like to delete. Since we are deleting Gmail, select the Gmail account, and click the trash bin icon beside it. You can still get your Gmail messages back via Google takeout. So to do that, you should click on “Download data”. Or copy your Gmail account to a new Gmail address.
  • Next, enter an email address different from the address that has something to do with the Gmail account you are about closing. This should be done under “Enter an email address” where it says “how you will sign in to Google dialog box.
  • Afterward, click on “send a verification email.
  • Open the email from Google. That is, You will notice the subject as “Security alert for your linked Google account or. Or “Gmail Deletion Confirmation”.
  • Now, click on the link on that email from Google.
  • You may have to sign in your Gmail account you are about to delete.
  • Afterward, move to the section of Confirm Gmail Deletion and select “Yes, I want to delete, (plus your email address appearing on the sentence) permanently from my Google Account.
  • Now proceed to “Delete Gmail. Remember that you cannot reverse this step after you click on Delete.
  • Next, click done.
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What happens To Emails when deleted?

Anyone who sends an email to your deleted Gmail account will have their email bounce back as “not sent”. This means you may need to let your friends and spouse know your new address if you really care.

Also, when you delete your account, messages also delete permanently. Thus, it is no longer accessible in Gmail. But if you did well to download a copy using Google Takeout or any email program, you will have them intact.

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