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What is BCC in Gmail – How to Use BCC in Gmail

What is BCC in Gmail Secure recipients’ addresses among each other in an email

Bcc stands for Blind Carbon Copy. Thus, it helps you to hide the email of recipients’ addresses from each other. Indeed, this is necessary when there is a need to email privately to a wide number of people.

What is BCC in GmailHave you set up your Gmail Account?

You need to have access to the Gmail email service to use Bcc in Gmail. Of course, the Bcc feature is used widely across top email services. Here is now how you can set up your Gmail account for Bcc email.

  • Visit
  • Here comes the form page. You should fill out the form.
  • Enter your first and last name.
  • Choose a username of your choice. This will appear as your email address when you send an email to anyone.
  • Enter a password for your email. Do well to choose a password that will be difficult to guess by anyone. You can also get more security by enabling two-factor authentication. In other words, this can be done when you have finished signing up.
  • Key in your date of birth and gender.
  • Proceed to next.
  • Now, you will be asked to verify the phone number or email. Click on “send” or leave it by clicking on “Not now”.
  • Agree to the privacy and terms after reading it to continue. Thus, this is compulsory or else you won’t proceed further.
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Finally, you will be taken to my Account page for the email address you have successfully created.

Here comes the next thing to do. Login your account to access and manage your information and to deliver the necessary project you may wish to do.

How to BCC People with Gmail

Before now, I only make use of my “To” field to send an email. But, I wondered how I can send an email at once to more than one email address? Now I know how to do that even making it secretly.  You too can also do that. How? We have made an accurate guide to help you.

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Bcc is one way that prevents reply–all snarls if someone should reply to a list. It as well keeps the individual’s information private even though there was highlighted in the same field. Upon all this, Bcc still has a disadvantage.

 To Use Bcc,

  • Open your Gmail account and proceed to “Compose” to bring a new email window.
  • Look for Bcc by the left side of the compose window. It is directly opposite the “To” field. Click on it.
  • Enter the original recipient in the “To’ field. Doing this will make that address visible to every recipient. So to avoid this, don’t enter any email in the “To” field.
  • Now enter all the email addresses you want to reach out to without disclosing them to each other, in the Bcc field.
  • Type in the message you want to send across and click on SEND.
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